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    Some Questions For The Community

      Just a few things I'd like answers to, if anyone can help.




      Why oh why do you feel the need to spray with it? When I was getting it gold I'd fire one shot, maybe two if my aim was slightly off or I got a hitmarker. Everyone I see using this gun just hammers the trigger, and I cannot figure out why. It seems like they do it because they can, and for no other reason.




      If you want to camp, fine, doesn't bother me, you're an easy kill and you're equipement provides me with scorestreak points. However, why do you repeatedly go back to the same spot over and over and over again? Why do you not realise you've been rumbled and find somewhere else? Not looking for another debait on camping, just want an insight into the mindset of these people.




      This is more of a general question. Has anyone seen a reported booster get reset yet? I've yet to see anyone I've reported get what they deserve. I was really annoyed on Saturday when I called out two guys doing it (even caught them on the final killcam sitting opposite each other with tacs), they invited me to their party and were bragging about how they've been doing it since the day came out and that nothing would happen to them.


      Maybe it shouldn't bother me so much but it does.

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          Re: Some Questions For The Community

          Good post actually


          I dont snipe.



          Yeah I see a lot of campers in HCKC, not getting tags either, just camping..


          I've seen crazy amounts of boosters lately, but I don't follow them to know if they actually got reset or banned, I guess I should. I just assume the system really doesn't work unless numerous people report the same player, I'm just going with the odds..

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            Re: Some Questions For The Community

            I am a garbage sniper.  The few times I have tried the Dragunov I spam it because I am garbage.


            I think campers are sometimes new and bad.  Good campers are another story.  The only reason I could see one going back is if they hope to setup some type of Worm defense.  Some campers enjoy trying to kill people that are trying to breach them.


            Boosters.  At least we dont have the problems of the PC community.  In addition to boosters and lag, their forums are ate up with reports of hacked lobbies and 3rd party hacks.   I know that boosters do get reset from the amount of people posting here about getting reset.

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                Re: Some Questions For The Community

                I'm not a world class sniper, but I know how to aim.


                Some of these guys are high prestiges, up to master. I can't figure out how they get that far and enjoy the game going to the same spot on every map every game.


                I don't keep track of all boosters, just a few with easy to remember GTs to see if anything gets done.

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