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    Online Stats reset for no reason

      My online stats were just reset for no reason.  I keep trying to submit an online request form but it won't let me.  Please help!

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          Well first off sorry to hear that. Second when you do get it sent in don't expect it to be taken care of any time soon. Mine was sent 5 days ago with no response.


          Don't forget they have only a few days to get everything straight with the new map pack release. Their full attention seems to be there now.


          Hope everything works out.

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              Mine was ruined last Sat (10 days ago) and still hasn't been fixed. They reset it 4 times, and 4 times it returned to being ruined. Have lodged a case with Activision which is apparently an Escalated case. This apparently means absolutely nothing as I have had no contact from Activision since I lodged it. Nothing at all to let me know what is happening. I guess the fact I paid to be an Elite member with the last game I bought (MW3) and the fact I have bought the last 5 COD games doesn't seem to matter to them.

              Like you said, with a saleable Map Pack about to be released, that's where their focus is.

              Problem being, if they don't fix our accounts, there is no way in hell I will fork out another cent to these people.

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              I finally got my E-Mail today saying theres nowthing wrong with my account. but yet i dont have my camos/cac/unlocks/callng cards either. but it says i have gold camo for the smaw whitch i never use, and 12m assault shield kills..... id be hapy to start over if i get the season pass free, because right now i want my $60 back.....

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                Same here. Had gold guns in my load outs. Stats were reset as if I just purchased the game. I submitted a report on Sunday and still haven't heard back. That's messed up because I too have purchased every game but that will stop if this isn't fixed.

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                  Yeah, I was a master prestige with SEVERAL DIAMOND camos. I truly want nothing to do with this game or any other game if they don't fix this. My ticket was sent in the 9th of february. Got a response back the eleventh saying that they are looking into it. Haven't got another response since. Truly a dissapointment. Activision just seems to be rolling in the 110 Dollars I forked over to this game alone. Well, they got my money. I would just like one human respone. That's it. Just so I know something is actually being done.