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    Rank Reset Form - Help.

      Hi all,


      New to this forum, so not sure if this topic has been answered before.  But I had an issue with my rank and stats all getting messed up and losing all my permanent unlocks and extra custom class slots.  So after doing a search I've found I need to fill out a Rank and Stat Reset Form from this site, but I can't get off the 'link your multiplayer account to your profile' page, it just sends you back to your home profile page.


      Does anybody know if this is a temporary glitch?  Or are there any ways around this?  And is this the only way to reset your account?


      I really really want to sort this out!


      Any help is very much appreciated.




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          Re: Rank Reset Form - Help.

          Ive read (not sure) if you un-link your account and than re-link it that it lets it go through!

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            Re: Rank Reset Form - Help.

            Hi Dales,


            Can you confirm that once you log into elite.callofduty.com and select 'Profile', you're being redirected to the homepage? Selecting profile should take you to this page - http://i.imgur.com/WLFNC5X.jpg - and enables you to link your account.


            If you're unable to get to that page, try clearing your cache. Let me know if you get it sorted. :)

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                Re: Rank Reset Form - Help.

                Hi Dflannagan


                Yeh, from the Rank Reset Request Form, I got to as far as the 'Link multiplayer account with profile' and then it just took me to the page which you have shown, even though my accounts are linked. 


                But I tried it just now and managed to get to the page where I can select my Gamertag and select the various check boxes affecting my rank and stats, I wasn't able to get to this page before, so I'm guessing the glitch or something has been sorted?


                Well I submitted my request now, so fingers crossed I can get my rank and stats back.

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