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    Maybe Treyarch Should..

      Punish players ranks when they rage quit in zombies too often, maybe that will decrease the amount of players rage quiting.


      Any thoughts?


      As for dashboarding.....uhh

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          i dont think thats fair 2 ppl who quit 4 good reasons

          i played last night wit 2 shotties only 2 find they were glitching and i left
          should i b punshed 4 that?

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            Before they punish players they need to punish themselves.  For those who actually have to pay for their games $60+  I find it's quite unaccepteable how this functions.  Migrate host should read as your games is going to end very shortly.  I can't believe I spend money on something that works this badly.  I should trade in my motorcycle for a scooter with no lights, breaks or acceleration and call it an upgrage!

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                Lol! Every one needs to quit buying activision games like I will to send a massage. Don't sell us a crapbox nock off game, if you want to suck bill gates weeny don't make us suffer for it, call it what it is an Xbox exclusive. 

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                  I feel the exact same i honestly dont even wanna play black ops 2 and i spent 110 on it with the season pass but yet i find myself wanting to play black ops 1 more i honestly think this should not even have been a black ops game the changed the whole them of the game theres no conspiracy in the campaign zombies and multiplayer have horrible lag and glitching issues and  the maps for zombies and mp are both dull and extremely boring i really feel like every time i wanna put black ops 2 in to play i have to force myslef to do it which is wrong i think treyarch needs to look at what made waw and black ops 1 so great and go back to it cause so far black ops 2 is the worst game ive played