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    World Without Limits~ Recruiting

      World Without Limits [WwL~] is an established PS3 clan that has been in existence for over 4 years. Our focus is on Call of Duty, although, we do have a presence in other games as well. As a clan we are a small/medium sized group that humble ourselves as being a family.

      World Without Limits is home for both casual and competitive players. In the past we have had some highly successful GB teams, making it deep into the playoffs. On a nightly basis, we have enough people on to run at least one party, so we can assure you never have to play alone.

      However, only above average players can join, We pride ourselves on being a strong, small/medium clan, rather than a weaker large one, as we want to keep the clans membership relatively small.  Quality over quantity is what we believe in.

      To succeed in our clan we only ask for a few things:

      Maturity - There is no age limit to join our clan, but in-game and on the forums we ask that you are mature and respectful. We want all members to represent the Clan tag well.

      Activity - Both playing often with fellow clan members, along with stopping by on the site to talk to others in the chat-box or forums helps promote our family atmosphere.

      In-game attributes - these will be keyed in your tryouts. Cooperation and teamwork are important to success.

      Headset or Mic - communication is critical to the success of the team. Make sure you actually talk to us. If you don’t talk, it lowers your chance to make it in

      Because of the upcoming release of Black Ops 2, we are making a huge push for recruiting. This may be your chance to join an amazing clan. If you fit into the categories mentioned above, you should be perfect.

      Furthermore, we are also using Cod Elite. We currently have several members that are highly decorated with accolades from participation in the Elite competitions. If you are interested in trying out for World WIthout Limits, please register and apply at:

      Check out these videos with a few of WwL’s elite going in on randoms and people in Gb’s and ask yourself, Do you want to be on the receiving end of these embarrassing clips.