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        Erm..not exactly. Probably have said 'f**k sake' the odd time. But honestly in general, they dont bother  me.

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          The reason you do not notice the lag in game is because the games lag compansation software kicks in to compansate (and we all know how that goes), the reason your system cannot send 2 packets simultaneously but can multi-task is because as basic physics will tell you 2 objects cannot ocupy the same instance of space, you cannot send an electrical/light signal in the same space, but you can multi-task because processors (in a PC or console) are made up from millions of transitors in a single core and in almost all instances have multiple cores, the Xbox 360 has 3 cores in its processor and the PS3 has 8 cores thus can simultaniously work on multiple algorithoms at once.


          now if you don't mind i ending this lession on cumputing and networking since I have to sleep.

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            A little of both alot of times we will have a group going and wont notice are friends on the other team for several games. Usually once we notice them if we have room we back out and pick them up. Never once a complaint.


            Must be having to dig deep for your proof. Shame i was looking forward to reading it....

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              I understand you cant send both or recieve them at the exact same time, what you said that makes no sense is that you uave to wait for one persons packet to be sent and recieved before the second players has to wait for this to occur. It could simply swnd one, the  .001 of a sec later send the other. Then recieve them in the same order.


              Not to be insulting but your lesson on computing is lacking, kinda bringing up more questions the  answers. Appreciate tue attempt though.

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                Yea while we're at it lets ban all the players that havea kdr less than .8 and those who just plain suck as they do nothing to help the team win. Lets also ban all those who play objective based games and refuse to play the objective( yo6 know those players that play kill confirmed and go 35 kills 12deaths and 2 confirms and yet still manage to lose because they never confirm) lets ban campers, lets ban those who purposely team kill.... blahblahblah . You are not the only person who payed for the game, if you have issues with any of the above then leave the lobby and find another

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                  I splitscreen with my brother sometimes, I dont really feel that it hinders me much, you can't see as much but it doesnt mean your guns dont work, it even helps sometimes, being able to communicate between each other and have a glance at the other screen to keep notes around the map.


                  I don't think it effects where i stand in the lobby, it has healthy competition too with both of us trying to be ahead in the lobby.


                  HOWEVER some people are just god awefull and feel like dead weights on your team, not because they are splitscreening but because they are bad, this tends to be more casual players with friends over or something, instead of having one retard you get two, which sucks.

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                    Splitscreening only really bothers me in HC, kind of defies the point of not having a killcam. They always seem to stay close to each other so you kill one and the other one is all over you straight away.

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