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    Lost all my stats

      Hello when I click the link to complete the form for the restoration redirects its me on another page and it is to mark: " You best link your multiplayer account (s) with your profile." But the problem it is because I know how to make not how. Somebody could help me please.

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          Re: Lost all my stats

          Hi Chmontreal,


          To link your Xbox LIVE account with CallOfDuty.com follow the steps outlined below.


          1. Create an account at elite.callofduty.com.
          2. Once you've signed up, you'll be taken to a settings page similar to this to link your account. Select Xbox LIVE, follow the steps, and you'll be taken to a Microsoft Account sign in page like this.
          3. Enter the email and password associated with your Xbox LIVE account, and you're good to go. Return to the Rank Restoration form, select your newly linked Gamertag, and enter your details to submit a restoration request.
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