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        i dont care about ghost and camping really hate those guys i like to run around and have fun but the skillbased matchmaking is really bullshit because i run around my k/d isnt great its a 0.68 but with that said im not all that great at the game and i matches me up with master prestige and their k/d is 3.00 or something stupid like that and im only prestige 3 can anyone explaine this to me

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          The problem with Match Based Skill making is that you need a good connection so that you'll come out on top for those gun fights. I often am playing and will find I've lost a gun fight because of the fact we'v'e had a spike in lag or that the connections suddenly drop.


          I'd be happy with SB mach making if the connections were good. However, since the connections are always a little dodgy, it doesn't work all that well.


          Also what's the point in Leauge play?


          I mean wasn't Leauge play designed for this, so if you wanted, you could play against the people of your own skill level and then if you wanted too, you could play against people with a mixed skill level on normal Multiplayer?

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            I'm totally bored to play against Prestige 10 and high skill players.


            In TDM:

            - My Score per Minute is only 176

            - My K/D is only 1.07 (now it falls rapidly)


            In Career:

            - Score per Minute : 209

            - K/D : 0.96


            Then why can I only play against high skill player? I totally stoped to play in February cause of that. But I did the MISTAKE to buy the Season Pass in December, then now I want to play the new maps. But it's just unplayable and then not fun at all. The game put me only in matchs with no-life players, who play 10 hours per days. I am a Normal player and don't want to play against Pro players. That really sucks!


            What can I do? Report all those players as Cheaters? Enter in game and then not play to have 0-30 score?? I really wants to play with Normal players, as me.

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              It's a cryteria based matchmaking so get your facts straight, I used to ron people in this game now it's like mw3 I get spawntrapped and literally every person on the other team gets a high scorestreak so... black ops 2 has a bullshit matchmaking server

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                I dont think its the lag. It is all the crap updates to game and weapons they have done. 3 months ago i would easily get 1.00 KD and higher. Now i got new console and playing again I got 3/13, etc even had me a 0/12 yesterday. The game sucks with all these changes all my weapons i use to use are now crap and even the best gun in the game is still crap to me. It is like I cant even scope someone before they put 2 rounds in me and im dead and thats having the drop on them. I am not a bad player with a 1.40 KD before updates now I get a positive game every 10 games and thats trying hard. I have tried other weapons to and my old good ones and just not the same. Nothing is right about Black Ops 2 with the updates they made.

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                  Nice try but no way jose. This game has taken the skill and experience out of the equation and really showed me the fps is all about connection. Actually a fear of mine back during CoD4 and an unfortunate reality now.

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                    not exactly true skill does play a big factor in this game not as much as the other games but even with a connection advantage people still do bad and suck

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                      Very true. I was exaggerating there a bit much.

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