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    MW4 Announced plus Video!!!

      Check this video out as I breakdown Activisions recent anouncement about the Modern Warfare Fanchise. I also discuss that we may see the big title launched on the new next gen platforms (i.e. PS4/Xbox720). Do you think MW4 will be a PS4/ XBOX720 Next Gen Launch title?


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          Re: MW4 Announced plus Video!!!

          I wish, though I can't say after MW3 I have high hopes/excitement for MW4, but because it sounds like the Xbox 720 might not be out until December and PS4 November-December, it would be quite a big hit to sales for them to make it for the next gen ones since a lot of people won't have it yet... then again, if they make it for current gen a lot of people won't buy it since they'll have the newer ones.


          Maybe they'll make it for both.

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