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    highest HC game kills/scores uve had or seen

      on youtube theres tons of crazy high games 150-2 90-0 which are all core, whats highest HC games uve had urself or seen other players get. Real high level scorestreaks are easier on core due to health regeneration. I dont recall seeing any 100+ kills of guys in HC modes

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          Its generally harder to get past 50 without getting over 10 deaths on Hardcore. Plus the game modes won't allow people to get high kills, for example, you couldn't get 100 kills in TDM as the score limit doesn't go that high.


          KC, I've seen some high ones but again it usually follows a high amount of deaths.


          I've had 32-8 on TDM, our team was pretty crap but the enemy team were just fools and were too predictable.


          I know 32-8 doesn't sound great but its the best I've done and its only happened once. I've always said this, Youtubers act all tough going 100+ on Dom while not playing the objective. However due to health regen they'll have died about 15+ times while doing so if they were on hardcore.

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            I have seen 100+ in HC CTF and have been in a couple games were you couldn't move and the other guys were posting up 10k+ points 100+ kills but that is hc for ya.