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    Campers in Kill Confirmed.

      I'd like to suggest making an edit to this game mode.  Players who DO NOT pick up the dog tags should receive NOTHING.  NO points, NO kills.  ZIP! ZERO!



      If they want to camp and stare at a damn door for 7 minutes let them go play Team Death Match.  Kill confrimed is for people who like to move around and actually PLAY!.  Let the scared little children who sit in corners peeing their pants because they're scared sit in a TDM room.


      If you don't get the dog tag you haven't confirmed the kill!


        GIVE THEM NOTHING!   I think this would add LOTS more action into the game mode as people will really fight for that tag.

      Give a like if you agree.

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          I agree! No more shooting 1 person and then camping the tags so they can get more cheap kills on players that play the game the way it was intended. Good post.

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            I think this boils down to Youtubers.


            Youtubers never play the objective, I watch countless youtubers and they'll rarely go for tags unless they are right infront of them. They'll camp or lock down an area and never pick up a single tag.


            Its the same in DOM, they just play it for the high kill streak they can go on. Getting 55-3 is a great achivement but since they never play the objective, I can't say I would like their video.


            So yeah, it boils down a lot from the Youtubers. They think "hey if I don't play the objective, I can be just like them"

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                elpresador is one of the few that play the objective .

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                  That's not entirely true. I see them picking up a good number of tags; they just don't go for the ones that they KNOW will get them killed. I've done sniping in KC before, and I won't chase down a tag when I long shot someone.


                  On the other hand, if I'm watching a relatively short sight line (Overflow, for one), I'll switch to my pistol & run a tag(s) down after getting 2-3 kills. It's just a matter of knowing when to go for an Objective.


                  Worst case I've seen was when WingsofRedemption played League against a team in CTF. They hardly capped the flag and just held it for Carry Kills.

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                  I wouldn't mind if it was like this. Would make it much harder to get streaks though.

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                    Welcome to Camp of Duty

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                      I disagree with you.


                      I know.


                      I know.


                      Yes, no - seriously, I know that you know better than me what is actually going through my mind when I am playing the game.


                      The problem is that you're not going to be able to prove, using any objective logic or evidence, that what I am about to write is not true and accurate.


                      Here's the thing. If you are going 3-55 but you were ProZ 31337 and collected a whopping 60 tags, it was most likely you that was actually responsible for losing the match, not me.


                      You see, I'm not going to go grab tags until I am confident I can actually collect them without being killed in the process. Granted, things don't always work out that way. In fact, it's probably 50-50. But I'd rather hesitate to run out in the open and collect that tag than to run out there, get shot, allow the other guy to not only deny me the original tag, but also collect my tag in the process.


                      I really hate it when I have two or three players on my team that are just hog-fire determined to race each other to collect a single tag ... and every one of them gets killed without ever collecting the tag ... and worse, an opponent collects their tags plus denies the original tag.


                      Unless you are a blathering moronic imbecile, you should realize that doing that causes the lucky opponent to earn a kill streak. And that kill streak is very likely to earn the player an even higher, deadlier kill streak.


                      No, I'm sorry. I disagree with you. I would rather my teammates simply avoid being killed. That's all I need my team to do. If they can grab some tags when it is safe to do so, great. If not, they can just do the killing and I will collect the rest of the tags.


                      BTW, that goes for Domination, as well. I've completed the challenges for KC so I've migrated to Dom and, again ... just don't die. If you can't stay alive on a flag, that's fine. That is perfectly okay. Just stay alive. Hey, just shoot down UAVs and other scorestreaks. Better yet, go camp in a corner somewhere! I'll cap the flags. Don't worry. Don't sweat it. Just score kills if that's all you can do ...


                      ... just please, seriously, stay alive. That solves all the problems.

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                          I agree with you in most points. BUT, if these kids PLAYED THE FREAKING OBJECTIVE instead of trying to pad their KD. (I.E. shooting one guy and then camping the tags to get 5 more kills, and never have any intentions of collecting any tags). If they want to camp like idiots then do it in TDM. It's the same in DOM and S & D. The object of the game is confirming the kill, not camping the tags to pad your KD.

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                          It goes both ways. I shot a enemy then my teammate decides he wants to steal my tag when im 1 inch away from it so he comes runing to comfirme it then behind him a enemy came and kjilled us both.


                          Theres such a thing as doing to good of a job playing the objective lol

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                            what is the problem, there seems to be 3 different points being made here ( or 2 ). You want to remove a persons 25 points from someone else collecting tags?