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    Campaign Pos/Neg review.

      First off, I loved the campaign. Thought it was a great storyline. There are just 4 details in the campaign that I felt I wanted to comment on.


      1.  The create your own loadout.

      Pos.     Its very cool we can now do this. Adding your own guns and attachments lets you play the game exactly how you'ld like. Camo's really personalize your game.

      Neg.     The campaign is no longer seamless. This was one of the most impressive things about CoD. When I first got my 360 and played CoD4, I honestly was so wrapped up in the story, I could not tell the difference between missions. This was after playing PS2 campaigns like MoH and Socom that were very segmented. I didn't at all like seeing the VTOL Warship cut seen after you either completed the mission successfully or failed.


      2.   Tactical View in Strike Force.

      Pos.     A creative change in CoD that was interesting. The birdseye view really expanded the thinking of a fps. There wasn't any achievements associated with completing these missions on veteran, thank you.

      Neg.     Its far from fps. It expanded my thinking in a direction I rather not go. The completing the "tactical view challenge" brought back memories of Socom: Tactical Strike for the psp, which I played for 1 mission and traded in to Gamestop.


      3.   Veteran is no longer extremely frustrating.

      Pos.     I didn't break my controller or TV screen. Never had to spend 4 hours trying to get passed one checkpoint. I could almost say it was easy.

      Neg.     Although I always had a great feeling of accomplishment after completing Veteran, I no longer do. It is almost easy.


      4.   Achievement: Giant Accomplishment "Complete all challenges in the Black Ops 2"

      Pos.     This is a great accomplishment to complete. 160 individual challenges throughout the missions. It really expands and pushes you to explore and execute missions in a certain way. It makes the player really master the mission.

      Neg.     These types of challenges used to be scattered through out the campaign and actually be acievements on their own. So now its almost like getting 160 individual achievements to just get that 50 gamerscore. It took me many many playthroughs to achieve this.


      Please feel free to agree or bash my opinions. Or add on with things you liked or hated with the campaign.

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          Re: Campaign Pos/Neg review.

          I agreed with everything you said and would like to add my own thoughts in regard to your post about the Strike Force Missions.


          This is a negative by the way for all who wonder.


          I often found myself having to do most of it on my own, in which, I'd send my forces in one direction and they'd take forever to get to said location so I'd end up switching to a ground unit and doing it all myself. If I had to get to a position quickly, my groundforces wouldn't take the most direct route or they'd stop at every small hurdle, so I'd usually end up becoming a solider and running to said location anyway.


          This made me think, why do I get to command ground forces when I end up doing everything myself anyway?


          I did several of the strike force missions and I'd have to say, it felt like I did all the work and controlling my forces wasn't really easy or fun and I'd end up running to do them myself if the point was critical

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              Re: Campaign Pos/Neg review.

              I agree, taking the mission into your own hands was the less confusing way of doing the objective. I'm sure there are some well organized, quick thinking players that could effectively order their resources in a strategical position, but for me, that would take a lot more practice that I'm not really interested in doing. Kind of like the MW Spec Ops,  grab my achievements and I'm done, not to return.

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              Re: Campaign Pos/Neg review.

              I think if the Story had more Objectives like the old ones did than it would be better. I still remeber the CoD 3 and MW2 stories where there were lots of objectives all over the map instead of the just killing people and moving through a closed area.

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                  Re: Campaign Pos/Neg review.

                  The first thing that comes to mind is in CoD3. There was a mission in France to go through the trenches and plant 3 bombs on the AA guns. There were a couple interactive types of objectives in BO2 but it feels different. Maybe because there was never any map to reference in the game. I don't know.

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                  Re: Campaign Pos/Neg review.

                  My main complaint is so many mid-game "cutscenes" (the non-cinematic ones) that you're ALWAYS forced to sit through in every playthrough (or if you die and set back to before the scene). I get so bored sitting through them now and just want to get to the gameplay after the first couple playthroughs.


                  In terms of challenges, my main gripe is how you're unable to view them during the mission. You're only able to view them in the menu screen before or after missions, unless I'm missing something, and I can't be bothered to try to remember them all (only ones that seem easiest in unlocking weapons/Perks/etc for my Campaign loadout). Sometimes it doesn't even tell you if you completed them. Sometimes you'll get a "Career Profile Updated" or something when you do, but other times, you won't know until you're able to check again.

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                      Re: Campaign Pos/Neg review.

                      I agree 100%. How many times did I have to sit through the walk into the hotel In the Karma mission? 8 or 9 times just to try to get the under 60 seconds challenge for Ziggy. Definitely should have been more clear than"Career Profile Updated" in the top left. An in-game challenge list to refer to is a great idea. Great points.

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