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    My rants so far

      So yeah, you read the title. This is mostly related to Wiimote


      -If you remove Target Assist from Wiimote (For now) Do it for DA as well. I don't use target assist, but I'm sick of being shot through the wall.


      -Sniping for Wiimote and DA NEEDS to be balanced. Either you minimize sway for Wiimote or add sway to DA


      -Variable zoom in Wiimote is too hard to move when zoomed out, and too sensitive when zoomed in


      -Ballistic CPU does absolutely nothing.


      -Engineer is OP. It has the same issue as Stalker Pro from MW3. Not because you can see equipment through walls, but because you can DELAY explosions without the owner being advised. It doesn't even make a clicking noise anymore. If someone has flap jacket or shoots my explosives. At least I'm aware someone’s coming and I have enough time to pull out my pistol. But if they can just run through without me being aware in any way whatsoever, I have no fighting chance. I can't  even hear footsteps... I have no way of defending myself from the upcoming PDW+MP7 spray.


      -PDW is OP due to damage and 50 bullets in one clip with 2 second reload time

      -MP7 kills rediculessly fast

      -SMG's can kill from a huge distance still with minimal shots

      -Pump Action Shotgun have a huuuuuuge hipspread, and as long as it hits the player they're 1 shot killed

      -Pistols can outgun shotguns, Assult Rifles, and Snipers.. I look at most Max Prestidges combat records and the machine pistols are always their favorite guns,


      -Gunfights are ENTIRELY based upon connection. If you are far from the hosts connection, you're going to start getting more hitmarks than usual and killed with what seems to be one shot. Also BS killcams.

      -Curving bullets relates to above issue

      -Being killed without even being able to see the enemy player relates to the above issue


      -The spawnings need to be fixed, ASAP. I've been spawned kill so many times. I would take 2 steps from my spawn just to get killed by someone behind me, shotgunned to the face, sniped, semtix, scorestreaks killing me, ect. Also, I spawn near no cover whatsoever. I just spawn out in the middle of nowhere, completely vulnerable to any attack. Spawn me from across the map, I'd rather have slow action and to be safe than to be constantly killed as soon as I spawn.



      BOII is one of the HARDEST CoD's to snipe in. I don't mean running around and spraying your sniper in CQC like a scrub, I mean actually sitting down and keeping your eye in the scope and sniping like a propper player. Now players can survive your ONLY explosives that protect you (Claymores and Bouncing Betties) with Flap Jacket, Black Hat, Engineer, EMP grenades, ect. They also have several of ways to get behind you. Each building has at least 2-3 openings and people can climb into the room with Derixity faster than you can swap to your pistol, even with fast hand.

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          Re: My rants so far

          Engineer is OP? WTF? Stop camping son.


          PDW isnt OP, seriously, its niche is that it has a large clip, its the maps that encourage CQB not the gun itself, its balanced by the fact that its reload takes twice as long as the other smgs.


          MP7 is fine as well, it kills slower than the skorpion/chicom, you should complain about those 2 as well tbh.



          and please stop using "OP" you're making the word lose what little meaning it has left.



          I guess i agree with everything else though.

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              Re: My rants so far

              It's called sniping, not camping. Unless you want me to run around with an ACOG scope using a 1 hit kill Assult Rifle 1337 noscope pr0skillz


              You must love using the PDW then. I mean it's not obvious that almost everyone uses the PDW just like the Famas. Things get popular for a reason, SMG's are not meant to be a mimi LMG.


              I have an issue with the skorpion as well, but it runs out of ammo too quickly. That's more of a weapon to be screwed over if you're the player being shot at. If you think the Chicom is OP then you never used it with the Wiimote.


              OP is used as it's definied. I'm not going to say the weapon is "good".

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                  Re: My rants so far

                  Same stuff tbh, the whole point of engineer is so that you can run through enemy equipment and not be phased by it. I think the developers intended for you to realise that someone was using engineer and give up camping.sniping because your betties/claymores/shock charges were useless.


                  I use the PDW, its sitting at 2000 kills with a KDR of 2.3, my SWAT is at half the kills and has a KD of 2.9, PDW sounds super OP to me.


                  The fact is that the PDW is a balanced gun, the only people who cry about it, are the ones who constantly get beasted by it and refuse to adapt and beat it.

                  You also failed to read my text as i said that the PDWS NICHE IS THE FACT THAT IT HAS A LARGE CLIP, i put it in caps this time so you couldnt miss it.

                  It is, of course, balanced by the fact that it has a longer reload time too (something i also stated) and a low RoF meaning it takes a long time to burn through the clip.


                  I dont see how you can nerf it without effectively making it bad. A lowered RoF/damage makes it a bad vector (and that gun is honestly awful) and a nerf to the clip size makes it lose its niche and then you'll see MSMC everywhere instead.


                  Did you know that the PDW has the 4th fastest killing time of all the SMGS? like i said with the MP7, if the PDW is OP, then the skorpion, MSMC and chicom are also "OP", since they take less time to kill on average (MSMC has better range and the other 2 fire substantially faster).


                  Rofl, the chicom is the 2nd fastest killing SMG, but rather than go after something like that, you'd rather pick on the PDW which is already pretty bad? lmao...

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                      Re: My rants so far

                      DatBigSwitcha2 wrote:

                      The fact is that the PDW is a balanced gun,

                      HAHAHAHAHA ......wait, you are being serious?....................

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                          Re: My rants so far

                          Like seriously, did you even read my post? If you did then you'll know i am serious and you'll understand why it is balanced because of my explanations.



                          But of course you could make an asshat of yourself but making a ridiculous post like you just did.

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                              Re: My rants so far

                              You said it has a longer reload tme, half a second longer......


                              WOW, longer reload time should mean LMG reload.

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                                  Re: My rants so far

                                  You are failing to grasp that the only reason to use the PDW and i mean ONLY reason is the clip size, it is how it competes.


                                  The skorpion and chicom kill faster at evry range thanks to there huge RoF.


                                  and the MSMC is the PDW with more range, so it kills faster at longer distances


                                  Mp7 and vector are kinda crappy.


                                  All in all the PDW is a worse MSMC, but the clip size is what saves it, it is the saving grace which makes the gun as common as it is. Common =/= OP.



                                  Moreoever, the PDW is only really good if you dont miss alot, its a marksmans weapon because if you miss shots your Time to kill is only increasing, unlike say the MP7 because you're chucking more bullets at them in the same time.


                                  Like i also said in my earlier post, you cannot nerf the PDW without making it useless, the only thing you can do is make it so the recoil is higher, its a niche weapon, and it serves that niche well, but the MSMC is far better, and you only use the PDW over it if you want that bigger clip.

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                                      Re: My rants so far

                                      Hahaha, "a marksman's weapon". The 50 rounds/low recoil give you so much room for error/bad aim.....


                                      The PDW/MSMC are the easiest guns to use in the game straight up.

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                                          Re: My rants so far

                                          It is and it isnt.



                                          If you keep missing with the PDW, then your time to kill is going to go up very drastically compared to something like the MP7, because of the RoF.


                                          However you can spray and pray with it, but tbh if you're losing to people who are taking more than 10/15 PDWs bullets to kill you, then you're just bad at the game, which is probably where all this talk of PDW being OP comes from.

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                                              Re: My rants so far

                                              Let's just agree to disagree. All I know is it's a breeze for me to use everytime I run it...

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                                                Re: My rants so far

                                                I would love to stalk your games running a PDW to change your mind.

                                                However I do not like to waste time with a MPWFamaug90


                                                Plus, the Vector is awesome. Because it's not OP, which is what makes it fun.

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                                                    Re: My rants so far

                                                    You would prove nothing because the PDW isnt very good.


                                                    I would either;


                                                    A) smash you close range with a shotgun




                                                    b) Post up long range with a target finder LMG/AR and smash you that way.


                                                    or just outplay you with a better weapon such as the skorpion, cuz it has dat amazing;








                                                    So really, the only thing you would be doing is padding my KDR, i have played enough SMG users to know how to effectively beat them, in fact when i see a lobby full of SMG users, I dont see any challenge whatsoever.

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                                                  Re: My rants so far

                                                  nintendon\'t wrote:


                                                  Hahaha, "a marksman's weapon". The 50 rounds/low recoil give you so much room for error/bad aim.....


                                                  The PDW/MSMC are the easiest guns to use in the game straight up.

                                                  Noa man no. The vector thing is way easier than the MSUSC. 

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                                      Re: My rants so far

                                      People sure do overuse the word "OP".


                                      It has lost it's meaning CoD. OP....this...OP that...........EVERYTHING IS SO FRICKEN OP. xD

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                                        Re: My rants so far

                                        There's a reason the pdw is the most used weapon on more than half of the people's combat records i look at. 

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                                        Re: My rants so far

                                        Do you know why proper sniping is dead? It's because Treyarch put a ton of anti-camper features into this game. Problem is, campers and snipers behave similarily in the sense that both choose an area of the map to fortify and hang out in. (This by no means is meant to call sniping camping). Put in anti-camping measures, you also put in anti-proper sniping measures.

                                        Why did quickscoping have to be created...

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                                            Re: My rants so far

                                            The best thing I can do while sitting down and sniping is throw a shock charge hidden someplace near my claymore, so when they use their habbit of running over my claymore instead of shooting it...they get stunned in front of it long enough for it to detonate and kill them.


                                            I also use shock charges as a better chance of knowing when an enemy is coming.



                                            But it can only do so much when the entire team is after you. Worse if they keep constantly hacking it (Which then I wait for them to run by so I can shoot my hacked claymore in front of them and kill them anyways)


                                            But I seriously don't like to pull out my pistol longer than my rifle.

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                                            Re: My rants so far

                                            Lol I suck with the PDW. It takes a lot of bullets to kill, has a bunch of vertical recoil, and would rather land a few accurate shots with the MSMC with the smaller clip than spray everywhere and miss with the shitty iron sights of the PDW. My PDW k/d is .87 while my k/d with the MSMC is 1.04. However, none of that can trump my ballistic knife 1.07 k/d. That's how shitty the PDW is.

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                                                Re: My rants so far

                                                Maybe it's just your luck. Or perhaps the lobby you're in. I get rediucless killing sprees whenever I use the PDW (Although I think I go more nuts with  the EVO, but that's because I can actually aim and conserve ammo in my clip)

                                                But we all have our different playstyles. I'm personally good with everything.

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                                                Re: My rants so far

                                                Skorpion, Chicom, and MSMC outclass the PDW in a 1 on 1 fight.


                                                I use the Wiimote, and the Chicom is my highest used gun, there is nothing wrong with the Wiimote, its just you. The Aim Assist on the Wiimote was overpowered as you see in this video:



                                                The only thing I agree is the sniping on the Wiimote, I don't know what Treyarch did to it or maybe its just me because my last Wiimote sniping before BO2 was on April 2011 on first Black Ops, since I skipped MW3.


                                                Pistols only outgun everything except shotguns in close range, in mid range they are at disadvantage against SMGS and Assault Rifles.


                                                Remington, there is nothing wrong with that weapon, it is annoying but it does what its supposed to do, beat everything at close range.


                                                and the lag issues, I don't need to comment on that because that is in the rant of everybody including mine.


                                                Btw the Chicom is the best SMG in the game, second fastest SMG kill time and the best SMG at long range due to almost no recoil.

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                                                  Re: My rants so far

                                                  PDW's problem is the 50 round mag, it is just too much bullets for a weapon that allows you to move so fast that you can just get into the ranges where it is supposed to be on on it's best.


                                                  I've used it, it's not that good weapon for my play style, I try my best to keep myself at medium and long range, but the problem is that every SMG user on this game has realized that they'r so good on the range where they're supposed to be used, that they can easyly dominate, all they need is to get used to it and that's it.


                                                  My problem with it is that I rarely run into anyone with PDW running ALONE, there is always someone who I have to take down and then there comes PDW user with his 50 rounds, he can just lay back and spray while I'm struggling to kill the other guys with actually powerful weapons, guess who ends up killing me, the person with most bullets shot.



                                                  What I'm saying is that just drop the mag size and it's just perfect and seriously, why can you equip it with a 65 round mag?


                                                  I think that 3arc intended it to be that weapon that everyone loves because it is super weak but has so much ammo, but the map design was something they didn't even think when they put it into the game.


                                                  As for MSMC, I wanted it to be the uzi of this game, it might be it by the damage and design, but it definately doesn't have that recoil that was perfect reason to troll people with it on BO, it was always fun to get kills with it

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                                                    Re: My rants so far

                                                    When I'm sniping I usually move location, even by a bit, cause of the Kill Cam. Either way I usually use Supressor that makes the enemy team less likely to rush me. Only problem with this strategy is when you're changing locations you'll often come across SMG MLG pros. I'd suggest scoping before going across a corner but there's loads of ways that can still go wrong

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