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    Reset on Black Ops 2, but not fully?

      So earlier today I was having problems playing online. From what I've heard recently, the servers are messed up. After not being able to play online I decided to just play by myself on local. I hadn't heard about not playing local due to a bug. Well after playing local for a while I got offline. Then about 3 hours later I got back online to play. I clicked play online and boom it said," Your stats have been reset." I was in shock. I go to my account and I see that I am still prestige 2 level 45. I lost and gained calling cards. My classes were reset, lost my prestige awards( the extra classes and permanent unlocks) but my stats are still the same as far as I have seen. I sent in a complaint to get this fixed and I am doubting anything is going to going to happen. I will just suck it up and go on, but my question is, if I play more games and they happen to restore my account what will happen?Will it restore from my previous game or go back to the way it was before it was reset? This was on psn by the way.

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