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    Hit detection and knifing issues.

      Hello everybody.


      Just a question for you guys.

      I know the hit detection is pretty bad in black ops 2 since day 1.

      But nowadays I even get problems with OHK weapons and the ballistic knives.

      Shooting people with the executioner from one meter distance and having to shoot someone that is standing still with my dsr 3 times before it connects.

      Even the ballistic knives shoots through people instead of killing them (people that are standing still)


      Today I've had this happen every 2 out of 10 kills at least.

      Someone is sniping and I shoot them with the DSR 2 times and the third time I got a hit marker while he took his time just lining up the shot and killing me.

      The killcam even showed my bullets going straight through him and not even being hit.


      Is it getting worse? or is it just me?

      I still enjoy the game but the hit detection seems to be getting worse.


      What are your thoughts on this?