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    Wet Work

      Do you have to use a completely blank class to get the Wet Work emblem?


      It says "Get 10 kills without dying using a class with no items equipped"


      Perks aren't technically items... so logically you should be able to have perks equipped and still receive the emblem.


      Can anyone verify? Thanks!

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          They actually are items. You have to equip them. I don't know how it works.

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            You cant have any perks guns, lethal, or tactical equipped on. Its just you and your knife. My suggestion is to find a lobby with noobs and try it their.

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              Is it a 10 killstreak needed? Or just 10 total kills with nothing equipped?

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                You can't have anything at all. Nothing, not even wildcards.


                You can pick up guns on the battlefield to make it easier.

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                  I figured it out.  It's pretty easy.  All you have to do is clear a class, then start using it everytime you play.  Within 5-500 games (depending on how much playtime you have) your KD will start to drop significantly, and matchmakers will start placing you in lobbies with players that got the game yesterday. Then all you have to do is pray Treyarch doesn't **** you by spawning people behind you once you get to 8 kills, and your golden!


                  With no easy-**** gun like the Famas ar AK74u available in BO2, I wondered how Treyarch was going to make it simple and easy for poor players to still get kills.  Instead of giving bad players good equipment, the put challenges out there that encourage good players to run around with no equipment at all. Ingenious.


                  I guess I shouldn't complain, I could easily throw on my perks and go back to raping, but I want to finish all the challenges, and this is fuckin frustating

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                      as sieparry said, blank out a class, pick up a gun, get a bloodthirsty....challenge done.  thats why it only took me 3-4 games to get.  first game i tried spawning in at begining, setting tac, tessing claymore, and picking up my own gun, but that failed to work.  after that is was equip blank class, find gun, get kills till mission accomplished.  and my kd didn't suffer at all.  still went positive.  of course i did it in HC TDM....my usual gamemode.


                      give it a try buffalo