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    Something to consider if you aren't very good at this game:

      I used to suck at CoD, we all did at one point. I remember when I would lose most gun fights, I seriously thought this game was broken. I continued playing though, everyday, every match, every kill, every death. I put in countless hours and each day I improved. I stood in line every November waiting to play the next installment and wasn't great right away either, just kept on playing. In MW my kd ended up being .98, WAW I forget but around 1.0, Black Ops 1.10, MW3 1.29, and now 1.98. I'm not the greatest player but I improve every game. I put in the time, I learned new strategies. I realized that I had to adapt to the flow of each match. The problem I see nowadays is that too many ppl just rush thinking they can mow down everyone but that's just not the case. There are players who have been playing this game for years and know how to play it using tactics so it's super easy for them to shoot the "chickens" running around everywhere. If you want to get good then you have to do 2 things: Learn strategy and stop blaming the "broken" game. Strategy takes time, you have to find what works for you. Everyone is different so there is nothing I can tell you other than use tactics and adjust your game depending on the match. The second is easy, don't buy into the myth that this game is broken because it's not, in fact it is the best CoD yet. We all get those wtf moments but that just comes with the territory. Everyone lags from time to time but there is no excuse for saying this game is broken. I see too many posts saying that this game is unplayable and those who are saying that just aren't putting enough effort into learning how to play. Every match you are probably gonna face people who have been playing this game for years so you have to out play them straight up, not blame your deaths and losses on a "broken" game. "But I've been playing Cod for years and this game IS broken"! Oh ya, each CoD is a bit different so you aren't doing something right. How is it that those of us who put in the time and effort can consistantly finish on top? There is no magic lag fairy, we just put in the work. To be good at anything in life you have to put in the time and effort, not come up with excuses. Anyway that's my "magical" tip for being good: Years of time and effort. Don't take the easy road and say this game is broken, enough with the excuses already. Props to those who don't blame the game everytime they die.