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    Solution to Rage Quitters, Failed Host Migrations and Being put in losing games, Treyarc please consider

      Treyarc should really take this into consideration. But one of the biggest problems this game has other then lag, is the rage quitters, resulting in failed hot migrations and folks connecting to games all ready in progress that are losing causes = impossible to win games. That is unfair.


      Nobody wants to enter a game where the team is getting blown out and dogs and swarm are running a muck. Ending someones long win streak and giving unfair losses. Its to the point where win/loss stat is utter nonsense at this point.


      So this is the solution.


      Replace all rage quitters with Online Bots and have the Bots on Hardened Difficulty, which wont make them easy to kill, but atleast it wont make people connect to losing games and make it so they can enter a fresh new lobby where the game is about to begin.


      Also, its not fair when someone earns a high streak, only for the entire lobby to back out giving them no kills at all for their hard work. Ever call in a swarm and it only got 1 kill? It happened to me when 5 people left the lobby as I called it in, it was a waste.


      So why not just replace anyone who leaves the game with Bots, similar to Combat Training. That would reduce failed Host Migrations, reduce being put in losing games, and also reduce the chances of 6v1 because everyone rage quit the game.


      I know for a fact Treyarc can add this in the next patch and they should atleast for normal Pub games. They seriously should just add hardened bots when someone rage quits. It wont be easy kills if the bot is on hardened. At this point its the only real solution to dealing with rage quitters and failed host migrations. And atleast whatever high streak we earn will get some kills off of the bots like it normally should it they were actual players.


      This is not far fetched, and can be done if Treyarc wanted ot. Well this is my solution. And I think its a good one. So if anyone from Treyarc actually reads this, please consider. Or atleast do a poll and ask the entire community if they would want this to happen. I think it should be done, I have had enough of failed Migrations and rage quitters and being put in losing games that have no hope taking unfair losses.