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    A Curiosity Question

      Ok guys I am going to give you a scenario here.


      Lets say for example you are playing core TDM. You are having decent games. Lets say going 16-3 for few games.

      Now, you go into a game and you go 6-14.


      I was just curious as to what people put this down to,


      1. The enemy team was just better

      2. Tiredness that leads to you making bad decisions

      3. Bad Teammates


      The list could go on here but you know where I am coming from. Now I know when you read this you will think this is a thread to ask people what their excuses are for losing or getting a bad score. That is not what I am after. I am just real curious as to what goes on in ones head when they go really negative or have a bad game.


      I am going to be really truthful here, last night I played TDM ( was the clan challenge ) and I was doing pretty average. Having decent games. Then I got into a game on standoff and I really like that map so was excited. Now, I am right now holding my hand up and admitting to everyone, that I got outplayed, outsmarted and had a bad score at the end (6-14). This was about 2am my time but I can tell you now, no matter what time of the day it was it wouldn't have mattered. I was really outplayed and outsmarted. To me that was the enemy being better and smarter than me and I can admit it. It's not that I played bad, or my team played bad, or i was tired etc. Now I am asking this question assuming the game is running good ( no lag etc ).


      Kind of off topic but another thing is that people are going to have to learn that THERE IS BETTER PLAYERS OUT THERE THAN THEM. This is not having a go personally at anyone at all, but to see people say that they can't play their style of play etc is stupid to see. If you really think about it, that is like a spoiled child crying because they can't get their own way. I mean do people actually think that their style of play will work EVERY game. Of course not. As I stated already there will always be someone better than you at some point. There are thousands and thousands of players better than me. More skilled, smarter etc.


      P.S I expect the negative comments and the haters. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if everyone agreed good day to all

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          Re: A Curiosity Question

          ladylucina wrote:



          Kind of off topic but another thing is that people are going to have to learn that THERE IS BETTER PLAYERS OUT THERE THAN THEM.

          Wat nobode iz beter thn mi. Eye am teh bezt Cal off Dutee Playa in da worllld. Al mi deathz r becuze off teh lag commpensation adn all teh fuking camperz.

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            Re: A Curiosity Question

            i won't give you a negative comment because i know what you feel, I'm an above average player and I don't feel  like i'm the best player i know that there is always someone better, Also I like to change my style a lot, for example against really good players I play slower and change to an assault rifle and try to take an advantage in every gunfight. I've only met one guy that was really good and beat everytime even when I was headglitching this guy had an amazing shot and great reaction time.

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                Re: A Curiosity Question

                I mix up my style to. I have class set ups with SMG's, AR's, LMG,s, Shotguns and Snipers lol. All for a different style of play whenever I need to change it up or not even when I need to change it up, just when I feel I want to have a different game to the previous one. There was 3 different players on that team last night that really did outplay and outsmart me. I changed class a few times lol.

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                Re: A Curiosity Question

                Well said.


                Me, I have no delusions about my skill level. Most of my games, my performance is average at best.


                Occassionally I'll have a game at one extreme or the other. When I'm doing exceptionally well, it is thrilling and exciting. When I do particularly poorly, it can be incredibly frustrating.


                We all have good games and bad. I try to learn from my mistakes whenever possible, shrug off the bad games as best as I can, and move on. Dwelling on my poor performance is not going to make me play any better. In fact, getting worked up about it only makes me more frustrated, and causes me to play worse.


                I try not to make excuses when I lose. I try to avoid taking it so seriously that I get too worked up when I lose. It is only a game, after all, and I am supposed to be playing it for fun.


                If I'm not able to have fun with it, or find I'm getting to frustated, I simply turn it off and find something else to do.

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                    Re: A Curiosity Question

                    very well said mojo. I totally agree. I don't get worked up either. I am like you, I try to learn from my mistakes etc. I don't go around saying my teammates were bad bla bla. Just accept defeat and move on is the way to go. But your reply is a great post

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