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    Server being buggy?

      The servers are supposedly fin but i keep getting error that something is wrong and after restarting my ps3 the game is all glithy and crap.not sure whats going on or im banned or something but if anyone has had this similar problem ya.

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          Re: Server being buggy?

          I'm having some problems too it connects for a while and it jumps out with a message saying
          The call of duty black ops II server is not aviliable at this time. Please try again later or visit

          Http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status for updates.

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            Re: Server being buggy?

            i currently cannot connect to the servers at all

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              Re: Server being buggy?

              Same here, i turned ps3 on and played a game of tranzit .

              switched to multiplayer and gives me an error that i cant connect.

              tryed again, and while connecting my ps3 froze..

              came back to multyplayer and it took really long to connect.. but now i'm online but not smooth!

              everytime i press a button, game freezes for like 30 seconds.


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                Re: Server being buggy?

                When number of online gammers is more than 200 000, connexion start to be dirty on PS3 ...

                In my opinion there is 2 possibilitys :

                1. Not enough servers
                2. Not enough powerfull servers


                It will be interessant to know if it's the same on xbox cause as you know activision have a partnership with microsoft. It 's easy to think (may be too easy) that a way to push PS3 users to go on Xbox...


                Sorry for my english, it's not my mother language

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                  Re: Server being buggy?

                  Game was playing fine up until a couple of hours ago for me. Now every lobby I go into everyone is happily skipping round the screen no matter what the connection bar indicates.


                  Also, when I try and check any stats the game just times me out and then I have to wait ages to get back onto the servers.


                  Strange but as it's a 3arc game what do I expect?

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                    Re: Server being buggy?

                    Need some help went to play zombies this morning after work and could not connect to online services so i played under localby myself and then backed out and it connected me but would find a lobby. Then kicked me out with a weird message that said something like an error for the persistant Deadshot_87 blah blah blah and said that i have been set back to level 3 and that was my last save but i still have the skull with blue eyes and if a scroll over my name it showes one bone still cannot connect to online services on zombies and the only way i can play MP is join a friends lobby and let him search im on PS3

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                      Re: Server being buggy?

                      I kept trying after 3rd it connected and now no problem x

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