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    Target assist question for gamepad.

      When I try to use the gamepad I switch the target assist from enabled to disabled sometimes and I cant tell any difference between the 2..


      I see people all the time being what I call, TOO ACCURATE. Not downgrading their abilities, but I have a hard time believing someone can turn in several different directions and be dead on with 1 turn everytime without having to bump the control stick some.


      I say this because a guy shot me with a shotgun gun, then turn and shot another guy and then turn the other way and shot another guy with 1 bullet. All this was caught in the replay when he shot me. Im like, theres no way you can be that accurate that quick.


      My question is, Does the target assist even work or can you tell?................One more question, What is the exact options of target assist and can you actually tell it working for you or its really no help?