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    Why doesnt 3arc...

      Why does 3arc not use the message of the day for better uses? Such as the local reset glitch. If they simply put a warning in the message of the day, i dont know for say a week I honestly think there would be alot less people who fall into this glitch. I mean any one who is a regular on these boards essentially has a macro response for these people who have been reset.


      What do you guys think? Should they use this feature as a method to communicate with the community? And to warn of us of known issues and also to assure us a solution is in the works?


      I just am honestly getting a little frustrated with 3arcs lack of effort to communicate with the community this time around. Hopefully fox or mac or some one else who has access to a discussion with the devs will agree and start the ball rolling.


      So what do you guys think?

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          I've said that numerous times. We all know that there really isn't a consensus of the exact issues effecting this game, but there are known issues that they can keep us up to date on.


          That in game message is just a pop-up ad in my opinion. How many more people would click on that "Purchase Season Pass" or "Purchase DLC" button if the message was updated weekly with Known Issues, upcoming fixes, hotfix notes, update notes, issues being invesigated?


          They will never make everyone happy. There are ZERO companies out there who have accomplished this. There are always going to be problems, because there are human beings using their product.


          I think they need to continually update that message with important news and updates. Once a week, a different dev should go on the Forum board and initiate a closely moderated discussion of issues in game. They can even limit the discussion to a few hours to keep it from dragging on for weeks. Have the discussion, lock it, and move on.


          It would be outstanding to get more communication from the Devs. Unfortunately, its so hard for them to have an intelligent conversation with this community. PerEverto, you see the daily posts.. you can't have a rational conversation with irrational people.

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              Completely true drew. I am at this point though a little more than frustrated with all of us being thrown under one category. It shouldnt be this way. There are brilliant well informed members of this community that have great insight and great questionstat could and should be answered.


              I honestly feel the message of the day is the equivelant of the coupon section of the sunday paper, for all but a few useless. This is very annoying when considering all the good that could come from the use of this feature in another way. I mean honestly wuen the extent of 3arcs communication with the community is vahns trolling and telling us about his car, how long can a company float? I hate to say it, but this rendition of CoD is beggining to make me lose faith in 3arc. Atleast sledgehammer and IW admited there was a problem.

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                  Thing is... I think the game itself is fantastic. I like the innovation. I like the balance.


                  But there are issues, no doubt, with connectivity, parties, local glitch, boosters/cheats. Things like this should be addressed. They may not be able to fix all the problems for everyone, but the more informed we are the better.

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                      Exactly they may not be able to fix everything, but if they atleast acknowledge it there is room for improvement. Even if it isnt in this rendition, we know next time they are aware of there mistake and can do something about it (if it is a deeply coded problem).


                      I honestly love the innovation of this game. When it plays well it feels absolutely amazing, sadly the problems with the MM almost always ruinnmy good time. Ive done everything i can on my end, to no avail. Hopefully we will some kind of improvment. I just hope 3arc learns and moves in a community friendly direction, before its too late

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                  Really? No one besides me and drew have an oppinion on this? Maybe this is why they dont communicate

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                    What if the above information was part of the status page?






                    Example: The above + https://support.activision.com/BreakingNews


                    Think of it as one page. Half devoted to online status. Half devoted to Breaking News.

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                        I think that would be a great place to start. The bulk of the community doesnt come to these boards or activisions support page until something has already gone wrong. If this information was accesible and in a format all could understand through the message of the day i think it would have a massive effect on how many people get rolled back or come here spitting venomous langiage into this community under the assumption we are to blame. I mean you know as well as anyone, how many first time posters a week do you have to explain this to and lock threads because they were either A.rolled back in rank from local glitch or B. Have to lock and delete threads because of the vulgar hate some people spew as a result of lag issues/spawn killing/booster etc? Its a bit over the top dont you think?


                        On a side note i also wouldnt mind them adding a link or something for these forums. If more people were here discussing issues with in the game, i thinknit would drasticaly cut down on the "where did HCFFA go?" type posts. Where if they had been taken partnin the conversations here they would have known what was about to transpire and could have voiced there opinion before any of those changes were made. It may not have changed the outcome, but i think people would be more understanding feeling as if there voice was heard. Would add a bit more work for you though ol fox ;-)

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                          Fox I think that would be a huge step forward. It can be tricky to find this info at times, and if people could just get info from game itself I think it would save frustration on both sides.

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                              Exactly. 3arc as a company could and should make better use of the tools they gave themselves. Its a bit silly to me we as a community are sitting here brainstorming for a multibillion dollar company that should have already thought of this. After all they created the tools to fix this.

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                            I think that is a great idea but, I can see why they aren't doing that. I'm surprised they haven't fixed it yet. Maybe they can't fix it. Who knows?


                            I don't think they want to advertise part of their game being (local) broken on the log-in screen though.

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                                This is true. The next part though is customer satisfaction. If you had a major problem occur, and do research only to find out it is a known problem to which the company has done nothing to warn people of or fix as of yet. Which would upset you more?

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                                  I think there's a lot of Public Relations surrounding the franchise and brand name now. Any negative message, ingame or on the internet/twitter/magazines, isn't a good idea for a big company. My guess its all about damage limitations before the next release

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                                    In battlelog.com there is news for the community. Cod is just too big of a beast now, we created as monster and now it's starting to eat us.

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                                      I brought this up in Black Ops and MW3 with the "message of the day" system.


                                      I don't think the devs realise the majority of COD players don't use twitter or the forums to receive updates and feedback.


                                      Normally I have to update my clan mates/friends on what's going on with BO2 as they don't use either site.


                                      The "message of the day" could be used in so many better ways but it's not.

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                                          Exactly. Feels like a complete waste of potential.

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                                            Agreed! If there not putting a fix to this. And to avoid more people demanding answers. Put it there for tips of the day! Like really. Have u guys seen the "even the riot shields protect u from bullets even if its on ur back". Well no ****. Duh. Put something useful/warning sign for more people not falling into a death trip that they knew and released the game knowing.

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                                                Yeah i find myself laughing at so much of the little tips they put out. The message of the day is soo misused right now lol

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                                                    yeah i agree with the message of the day being better used.

                                                    i bought revolution and stil im getting informed what im getting.

                                                    -4 multiplayer maps

                                                    -1 zombie coop map

                                                    -new peacekeeper SMG

                                                    uhm i already got the peacekeeper SMG on diamond and got al achievement except the E.E on die rise and played al MP maps of revolution.


                                                    this is why i wasnt so mad with MW3.

                                                    atleast they tweaked the lag compensation(for the good or the worse sometimes) but they atleast came out with ''hey guys the lag compensation isnt working as we hoped for we are working on it''

                                                    if i hear something like that im like ok atleast they know it but not like vonderhaar is doing right now.


                                                    hey check out my new TV <insert pic of TV> (uhm i dont give a crap about your TV)

                                                    or when he came out to us and sayt ''can you show some proof of our lag compensation not working correctly?''

                                                    we brought him alot of videos and now he isnt even responding about it anymore:(


                                                    if this keeps up im 100% not gonna buy the next 3arc cod installment.

                                                    i gave em an chance because of black ops and never played WAW.

                                                    every company has an bad game in their franchise(final fantasy has bad ones every franchise has)

                                                    so i bought this game.

                                                    enjoyed 2 days straight not noticing the lag compensation.

                                                    then more people bought the game and tada lag compensation was bad and even worse then MW3 or black ops.


                                                    dont get me wrong i like the new things in the game like the pick 10 system(finally no more flashbangs or nades with me when not needed:D) or scorestreaks.

                                                    but the bad outweigh the good right now and since COD is mainly about MP and not zombies(getting big though) or campaign they gotta step it up alot and communicate with us saying hey we are gonna tweak the lag compensation a bit or something else.


                                                    i wil be buying the next IW installment since atleast they came clean with us about most of the problems and i have more faith in them then 3arc.

                                                    and now that i see they arent ''listening to the community'' and they lied in most of their videos im done with em until they say the problems and actualy get their asses out of those chairs and tell us and alsofix em.

                                                    not telling us how awesome your car/TV/whatever is.


                                                    sorry for the rant but i had to say it.

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                                                        The rant is fully understandable at this point. Alot of the community shares your frustrations. The sad thing is the frustration level wouldnt be near as high if they treated us like customers should be. I agree it is a bit insane when they asked for us to provide proof. My only statement was yo watch one of vahns dev team nearly rage quit for getting one shot after unloading afll clip into an enemy. Only to remember he was on a live stream and contained hia frustration. It was quite funny to watch lol.


                                                        Yeah vahn seems to troll us more than anything. People talked very badly about robert bowling, but atleast he tryed to communicate what the game plan was. Not tell us he has some one to wash his car :-\. Hopefully this company can learn from their mistakes. If they cant, well i for see a decline in fans and sales in their future. Maybe that is what it will take, the share holders to raise hell.

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                                                    Definitely. Call of Duty and Activision's developers are continually proving that they no longer care about the quality of their games, nor do they really care about the community. If they can make a "best seller" then give us a bunch of crappy dlc, then they don't have to worry about the actual players.


                                                    What happens when everyone gets sick of COD?


                                                    This is another classic example of how WE have the power, not them. I promise if all of us stopped playing, Treyarch would probably start listening.


                                                    Show your support and bump this thread!

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                                                        Thank you so much for your support. I honestly believe this is an easy and cost effective method of managing problems with in the community. Even if i am not the first to have this idea( as many other have stated this before) or get any credit for it, i will simply be happy for its implementation. Not for myslef but for the community. We need this line of comunication with the devs. It is also in a format where there can not and will not be any trolling of the company. Just a simple warning and status update. Not much to ask for if you ask me.


                                                        Once again thank you for your support. Thank all of you.


                                                        Also Fox is there any chance what you posted will be set in action? I wpukd love to know since you did seem quite interwsted and had great ideas?

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                                                          Also if it isnt too much to ask, please bookmark this thread and help keep it alive. I honestly believe this could and shoukd help he community.


                                                          If any one agrees with this, please stand for it and ask for it of the devs. Bookmark and keep this alive.

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                                                          G'day Pereverto,  I made a very similar post a few weeks back. As they sau great minds think alike   If I knew how to embed a link I would. Instead I bumped it - you'll find it in General Discussion area.

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                                                            Short version....


                                                            they are not going to put "we screwed up on the game" for everyone to see