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    I'm a " Camper " .. what are your thoughts !!!

      Ok so here it is.


      1. I go to play core TDM

      2. I set my scorestreaks as Guardian, Hellstorm missile and Sentry gun

      3. The map that is chosen is hijacked

      4. I use the S12 shotgun.


      Right, so the game starts and lets say for example we start at the control room end (or whatever way u wanna put it lol. A flag in dom end etc). I go underneath to get across to the other room to try and come up behind the enemy and start me off with a few kills. I get maybe 2-3 kills this way. I will then proceed to go back underneath and back to the control room end and try the same thing.


      Ok so now we have racked up a few kills and I get my guardian and hellstorm. I use my hellstorm and get 2-3 kills and thus getting my sentry gun. Now here is where I have been classed as a " camper " . I will go upstairs in the control room end, set up my sentry gun on the balcony and then I will go back into the room to place my guardian in the room facing the 2 points of entry. I go back out of the room to go after the enemy again. I put the guardian in the room to PROTECT my sentry gun from enemies coming into the room and destroying it. Over headset I'm a " Camper " lmao. This is just my opinion but if you ask me, what I did was actually a sensible thing to do. I mean if ANY enemy had just 1 EMP nade equipped then both my guardian and sentry gun is gone. But being called a " camper " for doing what I did is just funny.


      Don't worry this is not a thread of me moaning. This was basically just to show the community what some people class as a " camper "