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    Played MW3 last night and all though connection was better, the kill streaks suck!!!!

      I forgot how slow the reaper was when firing, the AC-130 was good but didnt last long and the Osprey killed 3 -4 people in most games???


      I also forgot how many people were Blindeye & Cold blooded.


      Basically, got bored quickly!


      It made me think how good the gameplay is with Black Ops 2, It's just such a shame that the connection is so unfair and pants!

      I mean if i can go 83 - 0 or 105 - 1 and then in other games i go 20 - 20 it just shows unbalanced the connection is and how much of an advantage other people like me have. No one should be getting these high scores with that few deaths. Black Ops 2 is all about who has the better connection, in terms of ping and lag comp.


      Such a fail IMO!