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    KDR or diamond camo's - what's your choice?

      Whilst working thro' my ARs and SMG's towards diamond camo's I've watched my KDR slip from 1.50 to 1.35, and it hurts.  I get very frustrated at times not using my guns of choice, but progress towards diamond keeps me going, and if  it gets too much I swap back to my favourites for a while.  Who  would choose the MP7 over the Scorpion if gold/diamond camo's did not exist?  So what's more important  to you?

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          KDR is meaningless unless you give it meaning. Diamond camo is a goal you can choose to work for. What is more important is up to you.


          Diamond Camo causes you to learn guns you may not have learned in the first place. This will only make you a better player and once you receive the camo, you can play to raise your KDR. So just do what entertains you.


          Me personally, I am trying to get my LMGs Diamond. I am not a player that'd usually try to do this but why not.

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            This is just my opinion so don't get the wrong idea and think i'm having a go personally at anyone. But K/D is absolutely meaningless to me. I really don't care about my K/D. As I have said before in previous threads, if i am playing KC for examplE, and i go negativE in K/D but positive in tag collecting and we win, then thats me happy.

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              both. but honestly after you get diamond and start using whatever you want again, your k/d will go back up, so it's not worth worrying about too much.


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                I feel you on that when I was trying to get the HAMR gold I had to use the gun for 150 kills with no perks and no attachents and my K/D dropped, but once I got the gold cameo adn put back on my attachments my K/D went up againg after several games.  But that's what makes this game fun is all the options you have to unlock in order to get the awards,cameos & perks.

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                  Diamond cammo for me.  It is something to keep the game going and a challenge.  I golded every gun in MW3 and it was fun to be the only one in the lobby with a gold Model or M16 or PM9.  A lot of times people would ask me what gun were you using since they stuck with their few "go to" weapons all of the time.  Or the times I got reported for having a gold secondary (PM9) haaaa.....


                  I have diamond ARs, SMGs, LMGs and golded two shotguns and two sniper rifles.  That works out to around 3500 kills with no perks or attachments which obviously destroys your stats reguardless if you are a 3.0 kd player or a .8 kd player. 


                  The LMGs obviously did the most damage to my stats since you are already at a slow disadvantage then you take off anything to speed you up or keep you alive and essentially you are a sentry gun that dies fast.

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                    Stats give some indication how well a player performs, but they can also be a false presentation of skill and in my opinion all stats are pretty meaningless due to the following reasons:


                    - K/D can be manipulated if you play only with caution or in a defensive way / role. It can also be increased by spawn killing with a party in Demolition or CTF, and naturally a party with good communication also helps you to die less. People who are obsessed with their K/D often also back out if they aren't doing well.

                    - W/L is highly dependant on wether you play with a party or not. Playing solo or in a small party increases your chances to be paired up with useless team mates and also increases your chances of being thrown into lost matches. And the game is still plagued with lost connections to host, which all count as loss, it pretty much just shows that do you usually play with a party or not.

                    - SPM is dependant on the game mode, you have to be pretty damn good in TDM or FFA to main an SPM that's average or below average in objective game modes such as Hardpoint or KC. Also your playstyle affects the SPM, you can rush like crazy im objective modes and go even or negative while doing so but still maintain a decent SPM.

                    - Sticking to the best weapons (and by that i mean the ones that work the best for you) and always playing seriously can and will affect stats

                    - Playing with a competent party increases your chances of doing well compared to playing solo

                    - People can dashboard to maintain their stats

                    - Lag can have a huge impact on your performance, players of all skill level can be held back by it (in the worst case in most matches), or receive a slight or huge advantage by being lucky enough to be on the good side of it.

                    - Going for camos or certain challenges, or simply messing around with unfavourable classes such as knife only or playing with a riot shield etc. can have an impact on your stats depending on how often you tend to to that kind of stuff. Naturally challenges (camo and other challenges as well) and their difficulty level depends on connection and individual skill, and also depends on how you approach the challenges. You can either try to complete them as fast as possible, or take a slower approach and not put yourself in a constant possibly disadvantegeous position.

                    - If you reset your stats or use several accounts you can do better stats wise since you are no longer learning the spawns, flow and choke points for each map.


                    I do understand the aspect of testing yourself and seeing how well you can do. That's why i have 2 accounts and there are some pretty significant differences in some of the stats:

                    - On my main account i've played to prestige master and have everything diamond, and have tried to finish as much challenges as possible. I usually play solo, maybe 25% of the time played is with a small party. 70% of the time played consist of TDM, HC TDM and FFA/party games, roughly 20% KC and the rest other objective modes. Once lag started hitting me after launch week, i soon gave up giving a damn about my stats. K/D 1.46, W/L 1.03, SPM 261. Includes daily rage quitting even when winning, several tens of times per day on some days.

                    - On my second account i've played solo and only core TDM, almost exclusively using the MTAR. So far i've played it only to lvl 43 but i've tried my very best and avoided backing out of matches and adapting to the constant lag as well as i could. K/D 3.8, W/L 2.2, SPM 270, averaging maybe 15-20 kills per game, often more.


                    Why the huge difference in some of the stats ? See the reasons i've listed above. Even if the second account has a pretty decent K/D and W/L in my opinion, considering all i've mentioned above i only see myself as average or slightly above average in the game, i do get outplayed by better players pretty damn often but i try do what i can so that it won't happen again. Also if there is any sort of skill based matchmaking, i might have gotten bit easier lobbies in the beginning on the other other account but since SPM is almost identical i don't think that is the case. I haven't noticed any significant difference in the skill level of the players that i've played against between the two accounts in TDM lobbies.


                    Sorry for the long post by the way, as a conclusion i would say that just aim for what ever feels best for you, it's only a game with a roughly one year life cycle after all. People can brag about their stats but fail to see the "whole truth" on what affects them and also fail to recognise that for some people stats do not mean anything, they play for fun. If you are irritaded by someone talking **** regarding K/D, use mute or keep in mind that the "fame" you get from high stats only last so long until the next game comes along.

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                      Kdr. Only because you get judged based upon your kdr. Now if this was mw2 then it would be diamond camp because it people didn't know each others kdr back then. Getting the diamond camo would show more work and would show you are probably a good player if you are willing to use the good guns and the bad guns just for camo. But in this game it's kdr. No one cares about diamond camo in this game. Besides there is a ton of prestige hackers with it so its not that exclusive anymore.

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                        My kdr has sucked in every cod game lol. I just went for diamonds

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                          Got everything diamond and maxed lvl yes even the shield which has kd of 0.36 lol but whatever I can brag about my diamond weapons cause I did them legit as for those fakes if they can get a ksg nuclear then they have the right to stand in front of me btw me kd as of now is 1.66 with 441 spm