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    You've gotta watch this guy

      So many of you probably already susbcribe to his channel (Elpresador) but this guy is a legend.


      He is famous for his raging and also the infamous cryogenics video when he gets done over by a lag switcher.


      Recently he has done a serious of videos where he plays the game as a 'General Ginsing'.


      He basically gets a load of randoms on his team to camp it it out in a certain room and try and 'secure the perimter'.


      He is soooooo taking the piss but loads of guys, especially the young ones, get really into it. He never camps in games normally  and is not the best player in the world but this setting up a premiter is brilliant, even the other teams thinks he's being serious


      It's so funny, you just have to watch it, and the other ones in the 'General Ginsing' series.


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      Edited to add the right video



      Ok it keeps linking to the pistols video but just look under his channel for the General Ginsing Video