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    Soooooo.... the swarm is a tad overrated

      pretty lame really.  i've been getting about 5 kills with it each time.  just started using the swarm, but the stealth chopper seems to get about as many.  i showed people how to get 30, 40, and 50 kills per game on my old channel 19nizate79 (no longer keeping up if anybody wants to take it over), but running warthog, lodestar (which i can't help but say in a lord helmet voice), and swarm seems to net about the same number of kills. 


      i'd say my original suggestion of uav, cuav, and care package is the best and easily obtainable for most players.  just sun scaveneger, 2 betties, and 2 emp greandes or blackhats with engineer so you can change the packages.  i stay in the 30s or higher most every game and rush, except for when the package is coming. 


      so after trying to find the most dominant setup for the average player.  i have to say that anything past the chopper just isn't worth the trouble.  i either run uav, cuav, and package or chopper.  the first setup is really easy to use and can ruin other players' day, even good ones. 

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          oh yeah, might as well shamelessly plug my new channel.



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            I do agree but also disagree. The Swarm in my opinion doesnt kill enough for the amount it takes to get it. I disagree because you have to keep in mind that in modes like DOM, DEM, SAB, etc. it denies your enemy completely from going outside. Some people like my friend get it 2 or 3 times a game which pretty much doesn't ever let them go outside. So if you like wins more than kills than the Swarm is actually pretty good. (Wish I could....)

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              I have only ever got 1 swarm lol. it was on an alt account. i run sentry gun, warthog and swarm on that account. it's just to mess about with different things. But with that first swarm, it was on meltdown playing dom. I got 9 kills with it. I didn't think that was to bad really but to be truthful the sentry gun, if placed well and not up against a team with emp nades will land you alot of kills

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                Swarm is a little overrated in terms of the kills it gets but like someone else mentioned it does help to keep the enemy at bay in more objective based games.


                Another thing i would like to pick up on that you said anything past Stealth Chopper isn't worth the trouble? VSAT is probably the best scorestreak in this game, no arguments. One VSAT can win your team the game and without a doubt helps other team mates get their scorestreaks much quicker. It is also the best way to go towards higher end scorestreaks. The Loadstar on this game is brilliant and as i have already said Swarm is useful for holding back the enemy.


                If your not using the VSAT your missing out on a highly rewarding scorestreak

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                    On the main account I play on, my scorestreaks setup is UAV, CUAV and VSAT. but this is mainly for KC. When I play dom, which is my fav gamemode, I run hellstorm missile, sentry gun and VSAT. I love the VSAT. I really must agree and say it's definitely one of, if not the best scorestreak.

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                      i ran vsat, emp, swarm for a while.  i can win a game of kc almost single handedly.  if you just pick up 30 or so tags, which requires a lousy team, you can make it difficult to lose.  some games i have 2-3 tag rushers, which hurts my score, but means we don't lose.  i also never play on a team.  always randoms.  so i don't see the need for a vsat, since a uav is nearly as good and can be earned with 2-3 kills if you run hardline.  i can get 3 uavs in the time it takes to get one vsat.  i like the vsat, but it isn't necessary. 

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                      It also can depend on the map in terms of usefulness for some streaks.


                      Maps like Carrier, Hijacked, and Nuketown REALLY allow Swarm to shine because it's so open and very few places to (effectively) hide (and what few there are are pretty much deathtraps like under the deck on Hijacked), but a smaller/more closed/cluttered map like Aftermath, Cargo, Drone, etc really interfere with its effectiveness because of obstacles that the drones can end up smashing into buildings, cranes, etc, which will lower the number of kills.

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                        I got more kills with hellstorm / lightning and centry then i even go for , lodestar / k9 / swarm.


                        Just because it take longer to get , and the lower keep cycling. When i'm got my lodestar i have maybe already 3 hellstorms give me maybe 8 a 10 kills. It's fun to have the big ones , but i see with my playstyle i got a lower score , If i go for the big ones. Just my experience in the game ^^