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    What state of mind are you when you play?

      I played my first round fo HC games tonight yay me (whatever attention whore).


      And I must say, it was probablyy the most fun and best laughs I've had in quite a while.


      One downside Douche bag team mates, killing me and each other as funny as it is, it gets old like Madonna real quick.


      so i was wondering what state of mind are you in when you play?


      1) Straight and level headed

      2) Inebriated

      3) High as a mother fluffer

      4) Sleep depraved


      I'm mostly 4 sometines 1 mostly 4.


      Im asking cause im pretty sure this affects how people play and intern how people make some dumb ass decisions.


      Like Oh I'll just frag this peanut *Oh Sorry bro, didnt realise your on my team) ok 1 but 7 times in  row, c'mon your just being a ****.