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      Is this gun based off of or an actual gun or is it just something treyarch made up I mean its called the peacekeeper....if it was a real gun I would assume they would call it by its name but idk. Anyone with real life gun experience feel free to add

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          Its not a real gun. It's a gun made by Treyarch specifically for Black Ops II.


          See the QA they had here: http://www.charlieintel.com/2013/01/24/peacekeeper-smg-developer-qa/

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            Check out XboxAhoy on YouTube.  He always gives a guns history and origins.  Search for Peacekeeper and you'll have your answer.

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              The peacekeeper is just a made up gun. It looks like it will suck though. 4 shots to kill at close range and considering its low damage it fires at a painfully slow 720 RPM. It is the SMG with the slowest TTK. Its ADS in and out times are faster than a AR but slower than a SMG. I saw a recoil plot which showed that the peacekeeper's recoil pattern is more similar to the MTAR's than the M27's. Personally if I wanted to use a AR I'd use an AR and if I wanted to use an SMG I'd use an SMG no need for a hybrid especially when it is as bad as the peacekeeper.

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                  Yeah it's going to be interesting to see how this gun logically fits into gameplay.  It looks like it will be similar to MW3's FAD but without it's fearsome fire-rate... sounds pretty useless... but if this gun is EXTREMELY accurate over it's entire range, and if that range is really AR like, than it can be a fine damn piece of machinery.  I imagine with such accuracy it would have the mobility to win close battles with ARs but the range to outgun SMG's even when surpressed.  But if it really is just a nerffed MTAR with increased mobility and decreased fire rate like you described it will be garbage.


                  I'm just happy that we're seeing updates like new guns in the DLC.  I hope the folks at Treyarch will consider more weapon drops in future DLC... The Sniper, LMG, and Shotgun classes could all use some variety.

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                      Personally I feel like this gun is more of a mixture (albeit a terrible one) of a Type 25 and an MSMC rather than a nerfed MTAR but either way when the novelty of a new gun wears of I don't think we'll see too much of the peacekeeper..

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                    That was quick well now I know thanks guys

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                      It apparently has some similarities to the AAC Honey Badger, but that's about it.

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                        Well, after watching some gameplay with it, it seems to look, feel, and handle a lot like the ACR; but I'll definitely be trying it out and running it all day when the DLC releases on the 28th.

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                          I play on Xbox and Ps3 and used the peacekeeper alot on Sunday / Monday.


                          Maybe i would of beasted with any gun, as the connections were fair, but I was ripping people with the peacekeeper.


                          It is the perfect weapon for my style of play, I like to run n gun but rely heavily on taking targets down from range. This gun lets me sprint faster while offering the accuracy and range I would expect from an AR. (I rarely use subs).


                          It might be useless on PS3 with the poor connections we all suffer. But on Xbox it feels like a little beast when in my hands.


                          It may have slow fire rate / low damage but it is accurate and kills in 4 bullets.


                          My setup with it is all about getting lead on target.


                          I run QuickDraw handle, red dot and mix up between extended mags / dual mags.

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                              Just a question. What gun would you compare the peacekeeper's recoil too? Alot of people say it is like an M27 but I have seen a recoil plot which showed the peacekeeper's recoil was more comparable to the MTAR.

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                                  God knows, I'm not a guru on Xbox, struggle with the pad a little, so my feel for recoil etc is somewhat different in comparison to PS3. Does that make sense? Lol


                                  It definitely has a kick to it, if you full auto fire for a couple of seconds or more it definitely raises upwards, but it's more than manageable for me using a pad I'm not comfortable with.


                                  Just uploaded gameplay of it to my channel a couple of days ago actually. I would say the recoil is more heavy than the M27. I don't use the MTAR so can't really comment on it.


                                  I noticed a recoile reduction when using the red dot sight but that might have been my imagination.

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                                      Lots of people have been saying this has M27 like recoil but from the gameplay that I've seen that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm looking forward to using the peacekeeper but how much this gun kicks will be the deciding factor in whether I'll use it regulary because apart from its range it doesn't have any redeeming qualitites.

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                                          A competent player will find it more than manageable. IMO it's more accurate than any of the subs.


                                          I'm an all out AR user, I like the type 25, M27 & AN94. It's rare that i use subs, it's rare that I even like them. I can handle myself up close but prefer mid range engagements.


                                          The peacekeeper for me is more than adequate at both, but it doesn't excell at either. Subs are at an advantage up close, an likewise ARs at an advantage at range.


                                          It's all about your playstyle.


                                          Anyone who has seen my vids on here / MW3 forums will know I run like a mad man but choose engagements carefully, the peacekeeper is perfect for just that.

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                                              I prefer ARs to subs as well. One good thing about the peacekeeping though is that I can save a point because I won't need stock. Maybe I'll end up liking the peacekeeper but I'll probably stick to the M27 for a medium to long range gun

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                                      I read on the ballistics of the real life round (5.7x28) and it sounds like the game is real similar to the actual round. It is a rifle round down sized to pistol size. It has the penetrating ability and range of a rifle round but not the damage. Indeed it does less damage than most pistol rounds, even though it easily penetrates combat ballistic vests.

                                            The round was developed to be used in compact weapons carried by noninfantry troops in combat. So far it has only been fired once in anger, by the Houston SWAT team, the perp took so many 5.7x28 rounds (plus many 9mm and 5.56 rounds) that they took the cartrige out of there arsenal immediately.

                                            The trade offs may be worth it in the right situation. LOL this kind of thing is why a gun collector ends up with so many guns, you can always claim I don't have a gun for that.

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                                        Yea, the Peacekeeper is  totally real! See I even own one...http://i1261.photobucket.com/albums/ii587/KiTTYReckless/peacekeeper3_zpsa7199592.jpgIt's a POS, tho.. Won't even chamber a round. I wouldn't recommend it.

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                                            Best post on the thread.

                                            You sir won an internet cookie.

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                                              I don't know if the game developers intended this or not, but the Peacekeeper looks a lot like a heavily modified Knight Armaments PDW, which is basically a smaller M4 (AKA Ar-15, BO1's Commando, standard issue rifle of the US Army, same gun). It fires 5.56 mm like the the M4 but in a smaller, lighter package. I've never fired on and can't comment how fire rate, range, and accuracy compare to it's full sized counterparts.


                                              It seems (with a few exceptions) that all of the "future" guns available in BO2 multiplayer are heavily based on currently available or currently developing weapons, which I think is awesome. Since it's the first COD game to make predictions about the future of warfare, I thought they'd go overboard with wild unrealistic ****, but I can tell they did some homework about whats really going on in the small-arms industry. Bravo.