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    Accuracy in Core vs Hardcore

      I recently switched from Core to Hardcore (loving it) and have experienced two wonderful things:

      1) My kdr slowly climbing up from its abyssmal depths

      2) Fewer Start -> Leave Game wtfishappeningtome moments


      However in conjunction with that newfound success, I've noticed my accuracy rating with all weapons dropping substantially.  Not that I was particularly accruate before, but for example with my new go-to AR, the AN94, my accuracy dropped from (iirc) around 17% in core to 10.87% overall after many hours in HC.  Similar experience with my preferred LMG. 


      Given my improved overall performance, I'm a bit suprised by this.  I suppose it could simply be due to the how fewer hits it requires in HC to get a kill.  Anyone else experience this?

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          Not sure.  It could be that you are shooting a burst of say 5 bullets, but the 1st or 2nd one kills them leaving the other 3 as misses.


          With an LMG you can kill people with one bullet easily, so accuracy blows badly

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            I don't know but your reasoning sounds solid.  If it only takes one or two bullets to kill and you fire like you did in Core then your accuracy would likely go down.  You might try adding the select fire option to your AN and see if it improves.  It's a two burst with select fire and should be an instakill gun.

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              Something you may want to consider is that it takes less rounds to kill in hardcore so when you used to continualy pump rounds into guys in core the guy in hardcore is already dead and your bullets are not registering on anything because he is already dead.


              Try controlling your fire a little more and see where that gets you. Personally I have played hardcore for years and still want to keep pumping rounds into guys that are already dead and not to mention I like to make sure they are dead. Sometimes lag comes into play as well.

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                your accuracy is going down because you are getting less hit markers.


                5 hit markers to kill in core and you shoot 10 shots = 50% accuracy


                1 -2 hit markers to kill in HC and you shoot 10 shots = 10-20% accuracy

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                  Welcome to the club, I agree with what the previous guys said.

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                    Makes sense, HC doesn't require as much accuracy as core does.

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                        Incorrect. HC req more accuracy. Accuracy is a measure of effeciect use of ammo.

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                            Completely disagree.


                            You can look at accuracy in a couple different ways, 1 is to quickly more your crosshair on target and fire, both HC and core require that. The other aspect to accuracy is being about to keep your crosshair on target while you and/or the enemy is moving. In HC you don't really need to do this as much as core because in HC you kill in 1-2 shots.


                            Most of my friends that arn't very good at the this game prefer HC because it's easier for them to get kills. Sure they die a lot to, but in core they die a lot without getting many kills, so they play HC.

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                                I started my CoD "career" with hardcore CoD4. It was super easy mode, just jumping around and spraying. It took so little skill to empty rooms. Aiming down sight was totally pointless, because sparying was faster and you needed only 1-2 hits to get kills.

                                Due to lack of players I moved to Core mode and first it was pretty hard, because only spraying and praying didn't help at all.

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                                One does not need to be efficient and conservative with ammo to be accurate. Likewise, one can be effective with ammo without firing at an actual person.


                                LMGs for example I have less accuracy with. Its not merely because of the autofire. Rather, I generally use FMJ and use them to control entire areas or obliterate enemies hiding behind walls. So I will sometimes fire at walls to locate nearby enemies and hopefully kill them, and will also fire an array of bullets trying to force them to either leave an area...or have them think I will stop and trick them into running into my bullet path(which surprisingly works).


                                The problem with the accuracy measurements is they don't consider what the player is doing with the weapon, or how close or deadly their shots are to the target.


                                Someone for example, who fires for pure headshots...will likely miss more due to the smaller target, that can be missed in 3 locations. Only lower than the head or spot on will contact.


                                Someone who fires for bodyshots will do less damage per hit...but will hit more often.


                                Yet the person aiming for headshots, might have better tracking and overall bullet precision. This is not considered in the accuracy.


                                Clever use of bullet tactics like the LMG above...are also not considered.


                                Therefore the accuracy % is a bad reflection of true ability with a weapon.

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                                  Certainly wasn't trying to kick off this debate but it's an interesting question. 


                                  Core requires you to land more shots to get the kill, so from that perspective you have to be accurate with more rounds in order to have success with more shots.  Thus Core requires more accuracy?


                                  On the other hand, Hardcore has less margin for error since a single round from the enemy can end you, so you have to be more efficient (to steal animalmother's term) with the rounds you do squeeze off.  You can't afford to spray the air because you'll be dead before you get lucky.  Thus HC requires more accuracy?


                                  I certainly don't pretend to know.  However, I will say that my Core game seems to have improved after focusing on HC for a while.  My thumbs seem better trained to snap the reticle to my target.  Before playing HC, I struggled mightily with my aim (still do sometimes, no doubt) and lost many mid- to long-range battles because I just couldn't get the damned sight lined up.  For whatever reason, HC seems to have improved that.

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                                Welcome to Hardcore. My favorite mode, can't stand playing Core.


                                I don't think there is a huge difference in Accuracy from HC to Core. I think in HC it helps to be more accurate from the first shot, Core forces you to remain on target for a longer period of time to complete the kill.


                                My accuracy numbers are not all that great, I play HC all the time. I have a good SPM and K/D for TDM which I play primarily.... but not the most impressive accuracy numbers. I have always felt that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So I do what it takes to take the enemy down.


                                Part of the issue is it takes less to kill. So your first few bullets can be on target and take out the enemy, but you may fire several more once the enemy drops before you cease fire. As a result your accuracy goes down. A lot more shots are fired from cover as well, leading to gunfights trying to outmaneuver the enemy. I am not surprised that your accuracy has dropped a bit.


                                Don't get caught up in the Core v HC nonsense. Play what makes you happy and what you enjoy.

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                                  My accuracy is worst in Hc due to the high amount of wall banging I do on top of what others have already mentioned.

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                                    Sadly enough, accuracy is less important in Hardcore. What is more important is reaction time. If you land the first shot, you will win. In core, that may not be the case. Your accuracy is much more important in Core because it takes longer to kill some one, which means you have to stay on target when shooting.

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                                      CurliestRogue0 wrote:


                                      I recently switched from Core to Hardcore (loving it)

                                      I have recently done the same thing. Why I was always afraid of playing it is beyond me. Lol. I am loving it as well. I just need to get a few more core tactics out of my head as it gets me killed a bit more than I would like. Lol.


                                      On topic now...I myself don't ever look at my accuracy so I will have to go along with what everyone else is saying. Since it takes less bullets to kill in HC then any bullet that doesn't register will hinder your accuracy numbers.

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                                          Re: afraid of hardcore.  Haha no kidding bud, I was too.  It's all in the name!  I was convinced HC was only for grizzled vets that would smell my fresh blood from a mile away.  Didn't help that the first time I tried HC I died about 10 times in a row without taking more than a few steps.  It occurred to me later than I might have wandered into a clan team that took turns TKing me to get me to quit.  Hard to say in retrospect b/c I didn't really take note of it at the time.

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                                          HC Accuracy ~10%

                                          Core Accuracy ~20%

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                                            I do better in HC than Core now & then, except for today it just seems off.