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    VTOL vs Lodestar


      So I ran both recently in order to get the titles for both, and had a few thoughts about the two. The Lodestar seems the more popular of the two, generally accepted to be the better. IMO they are both good, what I found was that the VTOL, despite being easier to shoot down than the 'star, has the potential to rack up way more kills. Most I ever got with a Lodestar was 9. I got ~15 twice with the VTOL, it was way better at locking the enemy into an area due to being able to spray bullets WHILST laying down a rain of missiles. However, it did get taken out by a smart player with an RPG so horses for courses I suppose.


      If I had to choose between running one or the other, personally, I'd plump for the VTOL. Anyone have a different experience?

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          Personally it depends on what I'm feeling for DM or HCDM.


          ATM I'm using lodestar a lot, mostly in HC and my lodestar averages 2 more kills per use over the VTOL.


          If I felt like using swarm I might go VTOL > Swarm.

          If I felt like using dogs then I might go Lodestar > K9.


          I think they are both good at different things. You should decide what you want to use them for and what games modes before making a decision.

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            I'd still go with the Lodestar over the VTOL.

            With an LMG and FMJ it takes 40-50 bullets to bring the VTOL down wich is pretty much a joke.

            Using scorestreaks like the warmachine gives me way more kills since you get them a lot faster and you have it until it's empty.

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                Assuming you dont get locked in the spawn and mown down by a hail of bullets and missiles! With the Lodestar there is a window for the team to split up and get outta the spawn. If the VTOL locks you in, your stuffed, theres no two ways about it.

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                    Locking someone in the spawn gives a very haigh chance of rage quitting.

                    These are the things I dislike most about CoD in general.


                    Rage quitting (wich I do myself) and spawn trapping wich makes people rage quit.

                    Today I Joined a game on hijacked were my team was spawn trapped. I got killed 4 times without even walking for more than a total of 4 meters.


                    Thats when I just quit.

                    I know it's weak but I play to have fun. What's fun about just dying without being able to do something? I can take a loss if the enemy team is very good but when It's nothing but spawn trapping there is no way to enjoy myself.

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                        They only got locked in the spawn because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I dont spawn trap, tbh I'm usually yelled at for flipping spawns


                        However, I did notice that the VTOL really can set up a nasty nasty spawnlock all by itself. Dont be fooled by it being easy to take down, theres a good counterbalance for that. To think people moan about the Lodestar. As good as it is, its not quite as nasty as a well timed VTOL.


                        EDIT: Oh yes, you admit to ragequitting, and then bemoan joining a match where a spawntrap was set up. Slightly ironic there Every time I've joined a match with a spawntrap set up, I do my best to bust out of it. In those circumstances, I forget about a win, I just want to deny the enemy a high kill game (or at least stop them getting as many as they could have otherwise). I'm not too proud to break out the tubes


                        EDIT EDIT: And the two times I did manage to lock the enemy into their spawn, not one soul ragequit. Not one.

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                            I agree with that.


                            It's not that I dislike the VTOL. I just don't have enough luck with it or I'm just bad with it.

                            Most of the time it gets shot down when I just call it in.

                            Like I said. It might just be bad luck or I'm terrible in using it.



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                              Yes I ragequit when I join a match where a spawn trap is set up?

                              I think it's very good of you that you continue.

                              Myself I'm just not that good to get out of a spawn trap that easily.


                              Again I play for fun. it's not that I care that I take a loss because the enemy is better than me.

                              I just don't see the fun in dying over and over because I am not good enough to get out of the spawn trap most of the time.


                              on the two times that you spawn trapped (well your team) the enemy and they did not leave. very good of them! They really are great for staying in the game (not being sarcastic)


                              lol on the EDIT EDIT part

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                                  Best way to break a spawntrap is explosives. Failing that, an MMS can shift em as they'll usually be stationary. But in all honesty if I cant outshoot them I can exploderise them so I haven't actually had to use the MMS!


                                  And I'm sorry if I came across as rude, I re-read what I wrote and it came off, ah, a little stand-offish...


                                  But I quite agree, the spawns on Hijacked are absolutely horrendous. Stupidly sensitive in TDM, Kill Confirmed etc, then FAR too stubborn in Domination.

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                                      It's okay. I just did'nt understand If I said something wrong

                                      Explosives you say? That might be my bad on that part since I don't have a single class with explosives XD I have one with a stinger against air support but nothing like grenades or anything.


                                      To set things a bit right. I don't ragequit that often because I hardly get spawn trapped nowadays because I almost only play TDM or SnD and of course sticks and stones.


                                      I'll have to use some more explosives or at least have a class with them if it works that well

                                      (It's hard to give up my tomahawk )

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                                          I usually rock a Smaw so I have the option of taking down (or helping to take down) air support whilst still being able to tube people. But having a class with RPGs and/or a grenade launcher never hurts!


                                          I usually play Hardcore Kill Confirmed, but I do dabble in Core Dom.

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                                Given that there are no SAM turrets available it's probably just as well LMGs with FMJ can do some damage to them.  You can move the VTOL around the map and a heavy gunner will be exposing himself in being shot at since, if they wish to instakill the VTOL, they won't be using a suppressor.  And then they'll have to deal with the slowest using guns in the game.

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                                it all depends on who you are playing.


                                a team of dummies, VTOL all the way


                                a team with a collective IQ of more than double digits, the loadstar.

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                                    I'm tempted to agree with this. Which means the VTOL would be on most of the time


                                    I jest I jest. I just thought the two were interesting, I was expecting the VTOL to be a bit rubbish as I almost never see em.

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                                    I was using the lodestar recently and I think it's better for: It can only be shot down by stinger lock or SMAW lock. This makes the enemy team to take their rocket launcher and lock onto my 'star. This gives me an advantage against the enemy team. Secondly the 'star has more blast in its rockets meaning its easier to kill people. The reaper from MW3 was **** compared to the lodestar. My opinion is both of them are good. VTOL is better in demolition for spawn trapping the enemy.