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        jeej! I'm part of the .01%

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          This is why i say there are bearly any decent sniping maps. There are too many maps that dont have a decent spot to snipe from, and if they do, there are multiple ways of getting into that position making it hard for a sniper to properly defend themselves.

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            Oh I agree with you I was just posting imo that mirage is the better of the new maps to get in a position to snipe. I get mad when I get quickscoped, however I think it's because I can't believe I let the guy get his gun up before I could take him out. I have seen some guys who were just straight up nasty qs'ing, I will never be able or care to try it, but I also might only get killed 1 or 2 times a day by one. They never really affect my outcome.

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              Because the majority of CoD player can not aim, just spray n pray from the hip.


              People have even complained about the maps being to big in MW2 and BO1 because they have to run for few seconds to get back into the action, no joke, they really complained about it. This is the kind of people who play CoD today, they want crap maps like Nuketown and Hijacked.

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                I really liked the open style maps in BO1 and MW2.

                It's sad that it has come to this. Hijacked and Nuketown are the worst.

                I still like playing Nuketown every now and then but I really dislike hijacked.

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                  honestly, STANDOFF is a great sniping map. infact, its the best map out of all the maps in this release so far. if i want to snipe, its going to be on that map. carrier is somewhat suited to it as well, but its too cluttered. that with the limited FOV make it not as good. i disagre with downhill being a sniper map. yes there is a long fairway, but its completly blocked with garbage. there are no sight lines from cover there.


                  there are a few reasons people QS:




                  no adequate sniping maps

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                    I don't know what you are complaining about. Every map in the game has spots for sniping. Not every map is the best for sniping but they all have sightlines if you play it properly.


                    Sniping is not for everyone. You need quick reflexes and sometimes you need to be able to pull off a "quickscope" to stay alive. Maybe you need better situational awareness? Sniping is pretty easy in this game. Just keep working on your aim and you will find no problems.

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                      And that is why i absolutely refuse to play Nuketown or Hijacked anymore. I stopped playing Nuketown when all that happened was me being spawn killed the whole time and i stopped playing Hijacked when all that started happening was the spawn was flipping every 2-5 seconds.


                      Anytime i see/saw Nuketown or Hijacked, i immediately back out of the lobby/match.

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                        Please don't try to represent the community.

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                          I played on every map. I know where the sniping spots are but the problem is the fact of there being too many openings into that spot. I never said there wasnt ANY sniping maps, just that there were hardly any DECENT ones. Cuz the way it works is this, Decent line of vision...Too may openings to the spot. Nice enclosed area.....sh*tty line of vision. That is how this game is now. I have good awareness but i shouldnt have to keep my eyes on 4 entrances all at once to make sure i dont die because that takes time away from sniping and a potential kill.

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