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    Why no sniping maps?

      I am starting to see a pattern with these games. I am a sniper but when i looked at the video for the map pack, i didnt see any maps that looked like they would support sniping.


      MW3 did the same thing, barely had ANY decent sniping maps. So my question is, why are IW and Treyarch now going away from the sniping community? First they take away decent sniping maps and now ghost doesnt work unless you are moving which means us snipers are screwed ( i can understand they did most of that to try to deter camping, but it affects more than 1 group).


      How about actually releasing the next map pack with more sniper friendly maps? I want to actually be able to use my night vision/thermal combo scope and variable zoom but it is hard to do that when they keep releasing CQC maps.


      All the maps have been geared more towards CQC, let us snipers have a chance.

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          1. Re: Why no sniping maps?

          because that would mean the cod community actually uses sniper rifles as long range weapons not the run and gun weapon they do now.


          but id say downhill is pretty proper sniper friendly

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            2. Re: Why no sniping maps?

            I find that they only go for the Quickscoping, trickshotting snipers.

            A person said he'd report me cos i was hardscoping...

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              3. Re: Why no sniping maps?

              so let me guess, its all about the QS now?  Even though the community wanted it removed but the devs kept it in because they are assh*les.


              That is the one problem with this franchise, the smallest group of gamers (less than 1% as stated by IW) gets to keep their crap in just because they whine, b*tch and moan the whole time, but when people have legit reasons for wanting something taken out or put in, they completely ignore it.


              This is why i am hesitant on getting MW4. because if i hear 1 mention of QS being put in and dont see any decent sniping maps then i will know for certain that they killed sniping in COD.

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                4. Re: Why no sniping maps?

                and this is what COD has unfortunately turned into.........a bunch of whiney little brats who have absolutely no regard for others playstyle just because they think its not "cool".

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                  5. Re: Why no sniping maps?

                  So true

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                    6. Re: Why no sniping maps?

                    there are no sniping maps because with quickscoping re-introduced, sniper rifles are now most effective at close range.

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                      7. Re: Why no sniping maps?

                      Turbine and Yemen are great for sniping.

                      But I agree most of them are CQC and you are a bit forced to use quickscoping. After using the LMG's a lot I turned back to using a sniper. I do pretty well with them but I hate the fact I am more or less forced to run around with them instead of actually playing as a sniper

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                        8. Re: Why no sniping maps?

                        And i have to put this out there. If i offend any QS by this, to be honest, i just dont care. And if i offend any "legit" QS (those who play objectives), i STILL dont care.


                        You guys have to understand something, QS only make up 1% of the community. .01% of you are the ones who play the objective and the rest of the .99% dont care about anything other than their killcams and whatnot. So why should a group that barely even makes a dent in the community be able to whine and complain their way into anything they want? do you know retarded that is? The way it is supposed to work is by having legit reasons for something to be in the game, NOT a bullsh*t reason like "i want a montage so i can have this delusionary satisfaction that people will think im cool" All the while they go into hundreds of matches and go 3-15 just to get that 1 shot and edit out all the rest and put that in with all the other clips where they fail to show how horrible they really are.


                        You call that a fair system? You see nothing wrong with whining about it til you get this while millions of others complain about stuff that actually matters but dont get a damn thing? That my friend is bullsh*t.


                        This is the honest truth. To those who QS but go for objectives, like i said this is not aimed toward you, but unfortunately the rest of them ruined A LOT of the experience.

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                          9. Re: Why no sniping maps?

                          There are a 3 or 4 good sniping posts on mirage. The problem is that there are so many angles and multiple entry points on all the maps. The players who are good hardscope snipers who truly provide cover know they have to constantly relocate, however they are a dying breed.

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