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        20. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

        Not true. Have lost challenges and accomplishments after being kicked out of lobbies and such.

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          21. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

          Thats why i said, its "kinda" there. They could implement a Live Stat tracking system easily if they want to, they have everything they need to make it happen.


          In case you didn't know, the game streams the theater mode to Activision servers in real time while you play the game, the game does not upload the theater after the game is over, it happens on the fly while you Host the match, one match is around 5mb big. It doesn't matter if you have youtube or twitch stream on or off.

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            22. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

            he must have a laggy connection. Thats the key to being able to pull off a high KD without using skill.


            Some guys have good connections and have high kd, but some guys just have rubbish connections.


            The last 3 CoDs have awarded the guy who spends less on his net.

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              23. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

              I like the League Play's ranking system.  Just apply it to all gametype in "MW4."

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                24. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

                Reduce rage quitting?


                Most effective ways I see are improve the spawn system so there is not as much of spawn camping/killing and remove the high killstreaks from the game. I don't even use them anymore because once you get them and use them there is a 75% chance halve of the enemy team just quits so there is no real point in continueing the match or working hard to get those scorestreaks.


                Myself I rage quit when my team is getting hammered and spawn killed.

                Today I joined a match where the enemy team had our spawn owned (this was hijacked, were it happens most)


                I avoid most of the objective based games now be cause of stuff like this.

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                  25. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

                  i agree, i avoid objective based games now too bc of the spawn trapping.  its completely out of hand, and its too bad bc CTF used to be my hands down favorite game type to play.....now i just usually play KC

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                    26. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

                    They should have just made the league a part of normal multiplayer, not hurting anyone and would give more incentive to win/not quit.

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                      27. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

                      I wont touch objective gametypes unless I have at least 1 other person with me. I must say though I've never managed to empty a lobby with a high killstreak. Lodestars, VTOLs, VSATs... the enemies have stayed in and either shot them down or taken it on the chin.


                      I play mainly HC mind. Dunno if that makes a difference or if I just tend to get them against non-ragers?

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                        28. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

                        Rage quitting has really started to plegue this community because if you are getting beat then instead of staying in the game, they can quit and save themselves.  In reality if you never rage quit when losing then your wins are much more meaningful.



                        I think this video is a good video related to this topic.  The importance of losing.

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                          29. Re: Reducing Rage Quitting

                          If you rage quit when not doing well, then when you do well means less.

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