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    Jesus Christ Himself...are you serious....


      I'm not one to *****...this is my actual first post.  I usually just read the *******.. the complains... the hurts.  But, I'm done... I've been a player of this game since day one.  I've plaiyed previous CODs but this is the first time I want to level and prestige for some reasone. I've read that this AR is the way to go (AN) or this lmg is the way to go (HAMR) or this shot gun is the way (R870, KSG). For real though... I got level 3 prestige (I only play a couple of hours a week) by SMG.  I've read the *******.. I know the hate.... but for reall .... it's very hard to win without one.  I know people will hate... you can get a killstreak wiith all the above mentioned...I've done it. But this game is ment for SMGs... it's obvious. Good for you AR and SG and LMG users.... but your not the avererage.;. that uses SMGs... I'm  tired of using SMGs just because I want to be relevent.  I always use the fire a shot to be sure I'm not in a  lagginhg approach.  But if you don't use a SMG ... you won't win,, giving a good lag. .... Don't Lie.