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    I want you to supply me with your answer....

      I know im not alone, but I am sick and tired of way things are on Black Ops 2. I am constantly spawn killed, killed by enemies who are not even on the screen but kill cam shows them standing in front of me when shooting me, always being behind by a full second, and so on and so on. What I want to know is, have any of you resorted to going back to the older Call of Duty titles just to be able to have fun again? The other day I went and played some World At War, and some Modern Warfare 2. I could not believe the different in how great it felt. The game was smooth, people actually died when they were shot. It was fun playing with all the old weapons on all the old maps. Wasteland was still fun, Quarry, Sub-Base, and all the other maps just brought back the fun. I did not seem to run into a single hacker on MW2. It was a lot of fun to play again and will be playing it again shortly. The play difference between the older games and Black Ops 2 was significant. On the older games I didnt have that feeling of always being behind a full second to the enemy. The game just felt like a fair fight again. If your tired of the Black ops 2 problems, go back to Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2, or World At War, (Haven't tried MW1 yet) and you will start to have fun again. Those games still have a few bugs, but compared to Black Ops 2, they are almost non existant. if you want to play some old school World At War or MW2 or MW3 with me hit me up on Xbox. StlCardinals131

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