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    How can anyone play this game?The spawns are terrible

      I mean these spawns make the game borderline unplayable.


      Okay, so I was just on Raid and someone was in the swimming pool sniping and he killed me. I then spawned behind the house that has steps leading to an overlook of the swimming pool and that area or you can go straight ahead, avoid the steps and go under the house and then emerge right on the swimming pool.


      Now, that basically means I could get an easy revenge kill on this guy. I find this sickining. This game requires no skills because in 8/10 cases you spawn in the general area of the guy who killed you.


      Its ****. my steel case the game came in is worth more than the value of this game.


      Anyway I pose the question, How can you play a game that is so shitly designed where if you kill someone or you die from someone you spawn about 5 feet away from them?


      p.s I really miss the old CoDs MW1, WAW, MW2....those were the days...