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    Challenges completed, titles and emblems not awarded.

      I did a a little bit of research on this site and it seems that some players aren't receiving titlecards and emlems corresponding with challenges they've completed.  I recently read a thread concerning players who had completed the all "Demolition" game mode challenges but didn't receive the titlecard.


      I too am having similar problems and am wondering if anyone else is. Earlier this morning, after 2 weeks of trying and around 300+ deploys, I finally completed the "Hail Mary" challenge in the "Humiliation" section of the "Assignments" challenges, but was not given the emblem.  It was a pretty straightfoward kill on hijacked: I spawned, moved to a side of the boat, let my Combat Axe's loose, and am shot from behind.  Immediately after I re-spawned  I saw a hit-marker, and was awarded Afterlife, Chopped Up, Bankshot, and Longshot Medals, and my name appeared at the bottom left of the screen with a combat axe next to it. Game video clearly shows them both Axes soar accross the map and bounce on the deck of the ship at the other team's spawn.  The first axe hits an enemy player in the mid-section, and he drops, revealing a set of gold tags (Kill Confirmed was the game mode).  Is it possible that the challenge must be completed while you're still alive?


      This is not the first time I've encountered this problem in Black Ops 2.  I had to get 10-16 Bloodthirsty medals with certain weapons and optics (acog sight took 16) in order to unlock their camo's and reticles.  I had to get over 60 kills with the A.G.R. and Sentry gun in order to be credited for the 50 kills you need to unlock their titlecards (I am aware that kills you earn while controlling these scorestreaks don't count towards your total).  I've deployed over 100 Orbital VSATs and am constantly credited for VSAT and EMP assists that arent counted towards the total needed to unlock the titlecards. I have gotten over 8 kills in a row without dying while carrying the death machine (I've both gotten 5 + death machine kills and 5+ gun kills while the death machine was on my back but had been used for a kill earlier that life) and have yet to receive the shredder emblem.  I've long ago just stopped trying on to complete the shredder challenge.


      I had this problem with 1 or 2 MW3 challenges, and none during the Black Ops 1 season.


      This is incredibly frustrating for me because completing the challenges is about the only reason I play now that I've reached prestige master, and many of these challenges took a decent amount of work (not to mention took a decent chunk out of my KD).  The bloodthirsty's and vsat assists annoy me, but being denied my Hail Mary infuriates me, because I don't know when I'll get one again.  Not to mention "Hail Mary" was the last challenge I needed to complete "Master of Humiliation"


      Has anybody else encountered these problems?  Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening? Is there anyway to get awarded for your challenges after the fact (I still have saved video of the hail mary)? Is there anybody form Treyarch or Activision that monitors these boards that can help?  Thanks!