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    Target finders

      way too many people are using target finders with lmg's and just smashing away takes no skill to use them have to run cold blooded all the time now worst attachment ever !!!!    any one els share this view ??

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            I think I run cold blooded on my air support take down class...


            Although the TF does make it easier to see people one would not have seen otherwise... it is still hard to hit a moving target...


            I find it funny, and it may just be a coincidence, but I barely see LMG+TF users (but I play mostly HC KC... maybe that is why)

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              I have cold blooded on......[scratches head and thinks]......zero out of ten classes.


              I get killed by target finder users, but no more or less than I do by any other weapon or attachment.

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                Geez...never think to use that same attachment to fight back a camper? :/

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                  each mode has its different set up lol.


                  Domination, groundwar and HQ has its fair share of TF users coupled with an LMG.


                  HQ you see TF on everything to be honest lol.

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                    Nope. I do not use TF but run cold blooded anyway. Noobs count on that little red diamond and if you are not illuminated they will run right past you.....easy kills from stupid people.

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                      People should not have to adapt their classes so you can have exactly what you want.  With equip yourself with the target finder on an lmg or get better at the game. 

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                        If you want a good laugh take the time to "Spectate" a few TF players. I'm always amused at watching them TRULY spray at the bouncing diamond. In reality they are at battle with that diamond much more than they are with an FPS character. LMG users are definitely the worst at this. I'll admit that I do sometimes feel bad for these guys. 

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                          I am of the belief that if you have to use a TF you are a noob therefore the TF should be in combat training and that's it

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