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    Few Questions about BO II After a long break

      I bought BO II when it was released and it was total disaster and went even worse after every patch. i've got few questions that i would like to get answers from you fellow gamers:


      - Is the lag compensation any better? (i've been playing mw3 and i keep banging the crap out of everyone even with 1 bars, but when i played bo II i seemed to be 2 seconds "after" the enemy with 4 bars)

      -Any spawn changes for example in KC / TDM? (i almost jumped out of the balcony when the enemies that i've killed seemed to spawn right next to me if i was securing some spot and waiting for enemies)

      -Does the game still crash and kick people out of party?

      -Is the weapon balance any better? or is it still   SMG>*?

      -Is it really worth of coming back to the lagfest or has it changed ?



      Ty for your answers!