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    No Fun Allowed: Black Ops II and anomalies.

      By now, you've either bought into the latest Call of Duty craze, or hated it which splits the community by a considerable amount.

      The third side are from the people who look at this game objectively and can literally see the faults that lie within.

      From over 100 hours of gameplay, I've finally zero'd in on the glaring issues that Treyarch can either fix, or ones that are just part of the game's structure and design. Naturally, going over each and every point would prove time consuming and uninteresting to some. So, to sum up the entire game, Black ops II runs on anomalies.

      This means that the way the game performs at some stages are unpredicted and cannot be helped. They are not in the hands of the developers, they are simply part of the game. The first subject I'll start with is campers. We all hate them. They plague every FPS, and Call of Duty is the mini-van that they all stay in. If anyone's played Call of Duty 4, you'll know that campers were annoying, however the game was designed in such a way that they were easy to deal with. Constant UAV's in the air makes it easy to spot them, since Stopping Power ruled the game. Plus, with the lack of attachments, players leaned towards naked guns instead of using silencers. This makes the game a lot faster, since sprinting round and killing a camper not only gives you satisfaction, but keeps the game moving which is the crucial point. Keeping the flow.

      Treyarch and Black Ops II threw it out the window.

      The constant stream of UAV's is gone, since it takes literally 5 kills to get one. This means campers have a much easier time sitting in corners and picking off players who want to run & gun. Along with that, with the abundance of Stopping Power, Ghost rules the day once more. This makes going for high score streaks literally unrealistic, which is the worst possible trait to have in a game. Something that escapes you from reality having something that's unrealistic? It's like having a dream and being told you can't fly.

      I'll keep it short, so only one more point which is the one Treyarch themselves messed up on. The spawns. Yet again, I take you back to Call of Duty 4, arguably the best in the series. Spawns were not a problem. No-one noticed them, which is how they need to be. Someone spawns, and that's that. They should have their own space for at least 5-10 seconds. Yet again, Treyarch didn't design the game to the lowest standard, and the spawns are the biggest anomaly and issue in the entire game. You literally spawn and within a second or faster, you're vulnerable to anyone. (Just play Free-for-all on Carrier if you want a good example.) I don't understand what was going through Treyarch's mind when they designed this mechanic. Of course, I'm no-one to talk. I know little to the aspects of implementing these mechanics in reality. But taking the time to plan and sort one of the most key concepts of the game should be a top priority.


      In conclusion, Black Ops II is a mess. It always will be. They tried to make a different sort of FPS, but that's not what Call of Duty is. I buy CoD for CoD. I don't buy CoD for an FPS I can get from any other title. There isn't any skill involved anymore, like there was in CoD 4. You can't jump round corners with your sights and hope to see an enemy or two, because one will just come from behind you. You can't storm in to a building guns blazing, because a camper will kill you. You can't think out a proper route in Seach & Destroy, because they'll come from behind you.

      The final word of Treyarch: No Fun Allowed.

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          Why, when reading the beginning did I think of that matrix scene

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            It is still possible to get high score streaks you just have to get into gunfights where you know you have the advantage, also I completely agree with the spawns, the need to realize that on those maps like Hijacked and Slums it's extremely easy to get spawn trapped and they need to flip the spawns because you can die like 3 or 4 times in a row just trying to get out of your spawn on those maps

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              Yippee, another Camper/Spawn complaint thread. Yawn.

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                  I feel you're not reading deep enough into it. Doing a CTL+F for "Spawns" and "Camping" does not constitute for knowing everything that the thread is about.

                  In future you would do well to actually read before replying.

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                      Oh, I read it.


                      Allow me to summarize:


                      First, you open with some garbage that basically implies that everyone but you is either a fanboy or a hater, and that you are above that and able to look at the game "objectively" (and then continue on to prove that you are, in fact, anything but objective).


                      "Blah blah blah... The first subject I'll start with is campers. We all hate them. They plague every FPS, and Call of Duty is the mini-van that they all stay in."


                      Then you go on to explain - poorly - how Treyarch has failed to deal with campers.


                      In doing so, you completely ignore the fact that UAVs - which you complain take 5 kills to get - originally took FEWER kills, but the entire online community complained that there were too many of them overhead, so Treyarch increased their requirement.


                      You also ignore the many tools that they have included in this installment to prevent camping, such as sights that can see through walls, the Ghost Perk requiring that the user move for it to work, Sensor Grenades, EMP Grenades, etc. etc.


                      After three or four paragraphs, you then say "...I'll keep it short..." (too late for that, I'm afraid)


                      The next section is nothing but the same complaints about the spawn system that has been covered ad nauseum in countless other threads, and how previous title "X" (in this case COD4), was SOOOO much better (again, something I'm sure we've all heard before many many times).


                      Blah blah blah, which brings me to your concluding paragraph:


                      "In conclusion, Black Ops II is a mess. It always will be." Blah blah blah, spawns suck, campers suck, COD4 was better, Treyarch ruined my fun.


                      Did I miss something, or does that about cover the gist of it?

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                    You could take ghost out of the game & make the UAV 2 kills and there would still be campers.


                    Trey arch put betty's, shock charges, assault shields, powerful pistols & shotguns, and the target finder. None of these things promotes movement within the game, the TF is the worst of them all. Campers will always camp you just gotta learn how to ignore them (literally). They usually set up shop in some out of the way room so if your entire team doesn't go in the room then there's nothing for that person to do.


                    Spawns are messed up. I think a lot of it has to do with the map size. MW3's last map pack had really small maps just like BO2 & the spawns were horrific much like BO2's.


                    Biggest problem with this game in the Performance, whether you want to call it connection/lag/lag comp/broken camera... somethings wrong with this game and it's more frustrating than fun.

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                      "There isn't any skill involved anymore, like there was in CoD 4"


                      So, you are saying that there was NO camping in MW1?!?!?! LOL You have obviously note played CoD for a long time or have zero observation abilities.


                      Guess what, there was camping and there were plenty of perches to camp in MW1. Example: Ambush. Your telling me that this map was run and gun only?!?! wow, dude.

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                        Did I miss something?  Did they cancel fun in BO2?  Darn it!  I play this game everyday and I could have sworn that I was having fun.  Maybe I should have seen it coming.  There were a few moments here and there that weren't fun.  But I didn't think that they would cancel it all together .  What's this world coming to?  Now I must put on my angry face