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    View from the cheap seats.

      First off, I want to say that I really enjoy this game.  I'm basically terrible at it, but I'm usually having fun playing with my son split screen.  I find the amount of developer interaction and attention to bugs to be one of the best in the business, thanks!  Here are various comments in no particular order from a guy that isn't good but has fun.


      I stink using the Wiimote.  I mean terrible, I can move, can't turn, I can't hit anything, I'm horrid.  I did see the post on adjusting the settings, but I'd need even more help than that to survive.  Since I am usually playing with my son I'm using the pro controller or gamepad so it doesn't really matter.  But since I didn't play FPS on the wii, I don't have the years of usage that some people do.  How people can think that should be the only supprted controller is beyond me.  The WiiU is all about the gamepad anyway.


      I don't really see aim assist kick in for me so maybe it is just always there but I seem to miss a lot more than I hit and I seem to have to be the one to move the crosshairs onto the target since it isn't being done for me.  I guess what I read that you have to be on target first and then it follow is true, because I must be firing first and then track onto the target.


      I mute everybody, always.  I wish there was a fast way to do it when you get dropped into a game that has already started.  I don't know where people get the idea that an 'adult' location is a location where they can be a-hats, but they should try walking into the corner bar and talk like they do to the people sitting at the bar.  I bet they only act like that once.  Just because an area is restricted from children doesn't mean it is a license to act like a child trying to be shocking.  But it is the way of the 'net, anonymity brings out one's true self and shows you who they really are inside.


      The forums seem to be full of complaints about 'the other guy'.  It is always the other guys' weapons that are bad or the other guys' controller that is op.  Everybody has an excuse why they are ok and 'the other guy' is bad.  Well kiddies, *you* are somebody's 'other guy' and that persons view is as valid as your own.


      Now, the one thing in the game that I really don't like just can't be fixed.  I hate getting killed because of lag.  For example, almost everytime I play, one time I'll be on a server that hates me. For example, I'll know somebody is following me, so I'll set up around the corner and wait, they turn the corner and I unload into them and I die.  The kill cam shows them walking around the corner, me sitting there with my thumb in my butt doing nothing at all and them circle out and kill me all the while I'm doing nothing.  I like seeing a good kill cam where we are both shooting at each other and I die because I missed not because I somehow decided never to pull the trigger until after I was dead.  Hate it but there really isn't anything that you can do since I know how long it takes my packets to get to the other guy and nobody can improve on that speed.  If I get of a shot on my screen at least humor me and show me firing and missing.


      I love using the gamepad touch screen.  It provides a level of interaction that hasn't existed before.  Calling in a Score Streak with it is much better then using the directionals to move a cursor like some sort of pre-technology cave man.  The class selection is also nice.  Being able to play the game on the screen is ok, and probably great if you have to use your TV for a significant other, but I prefer using it as a secondary information display (when I get to use it rather than the pro controller).


      I think the game could balance the weapons a little better, I do an order of magnitude better or worse depending on what weapon I'm using.  I like to try out various weapons and attachments.  I think they should all be viable but there are vast differences in how well I do that can't all be accounted for by my lack of 'skills' with each weapon.  Overall though I like the choices of attachments even though there are some 'builds' that I'd never use just because I don't like them and since I'm only here for the fun, not for ego, I'd never switch to a weapon/style I don't like just to win.


      Since playing BO2, I've started playing MW3 on the PS3, Battlefield 3 on the PC and am still finishing up the AC series on the 360 (only a few hours a week each).  BO2 on the WiiU is the best overall experience out of them all.


      Personally I hope the DLC shows up on the WiiU but I'm not going to play BO2 on another system just to get it.  If it shows up, I'll buy it, if not I'll just wait for the next full WiiU game you guys release.


      tldr; Great game, keep it up Treyarch, ignore the haters.

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          Re: View from the cheap seats.

          A lot of people had bought the wii because it was different. I'm guessing that a lot of other people bought the wii u for the same reason. Wether you love or hate it, the gamepad is the coolest most innovative controller you can buy da wise. People will say buy Xbox etc if you use da...why. The pad is awesome. I would just like everyone to think that the u is some people's first Nintendo console, and they have no clue about wiimote, which isn't even included with the u, the pad is the primary controller. They bought a Nintendo system to play on THE BEST da controller there is, and now face being cut down in every post. If your controller works for you or not, I don't think anyone has a right to attack somebody over what setup they run. Great first post sir, enjoyed reading it very much.

          edit, if you dont have to use the headset for sound you can always disable the voice chat altogether from the options menu.

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              Re: View from the cheap seats.

              When it comes to DA, the xbox controller plains out owns everything out there. It has to be the most comfortable, orgasmic controller out there. The sticks on the gamepad are pretty sucky. I feel they're a bit too loose. i like the idea of being able to completely play offscreen but i dont use that feature that much. Just my opinion....@OP the thing about the wiimote is that at first, it's extremely hard to use, but once you get used to it...you can never go back. It is simply the best way to control a fps. About the aim assist...turn it off and see the difference.

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                Re: View from the cheap seats.

                I wish we supported the Wii Fit board.  Now that would be amazing!

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                Re: View from the cheap seats.

                What's the innovativeness of tapping your thumb on a glass screen to call in killstreaks? I guess the mini-map is pretty cool, but I end of having to reorient myself after looking down at the gamepad which takes a couple seconds. It's not really that practical in the end. I have to find myself on the map. I don't mean to hate on the inventiveness of the Wii U dev team, but as expected this early in the Wii U cycle, it's not that innovative. The only I use the gamepad is for the headphones slot and if I want to use the large minimap on it, I just set it up in my view next to where I see the tv and ocassionally look to the side for the map.


                The real innovation is the wiimote. It's fluid at the price of stability. You can never be as stable as a DA user, but a DA user can never be as fluid and quick as a wiimote user. Depending on your playstyle, you can prefer one over the other.

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                    Re: View from the cheap seats.

                    To me the gamepad just feels more 'real'.  Sort of like the difference between using a HOTAS system for a flight simulator or a mech game.  Especially with a mech game, using that system might be more cumbersome than a normal controller but the underlying immersion is increased.  Now maybe if the Wiimote had a a second analog on it for turning then maybe I'd get that feel from it, but I never really had that feeling with it (although the only FPS type game I played through was a resident evil game with the wiimote).  I guess with the right analog, you aiming and turning at the same time and with the Wiimote they are separate spaces on the screen sort of like using a MG on a tank turret, you move the turret to an area and then use the gun within that area.  It just didn't work well for me.  I feel like I'm trapped looking out a window with the Wiimote.  Maybe I'll try it again during the upcoming double weapon xp weekend whenever I'm playing on my own.  One thing though, I really don't have 100 hours of gametime to dedicate to learning the Wiimote for FPS, when my super elite uber great DA skills (or not) translate across consoles.  To me, the best Wiimote games are ones where you pick up the controller and know what to do with it.  Super Mario Bros U is like that.  You point on the screen and add blocks where you point.


                    I will take the advice and turn of Aim Assist that should show me that I'm either not getting it turned on well enough or I've taken it for granted and I'm even worse than I thought.  As for the controllers, the best one I remember is the origional large Xbox 'batwing' controller, that one was great.  You could pound nails into concrete with that bad boy.  Then MS shrunk them down and nowadays they all seem about the same to me.  With the PS3 controller being too light.  It does take a few moments to adjust when switching from the gamepad to the pro controller since the 'y' button has a different orientation for my thumb, but the distinctions quickly fade when playing.  But if you see me jumping rather than ducking, you know my son just kicked me off the gamepad and onto the pro controller.

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                    Re: View from the cheap seats.

                    I can't speak to the Wii experience because I'm on PS3 but I do have a couple of thoughts for you.  To combat lag you need to use cover whenever possible.  It's not a cure all but if you are only slightly behind your enemy lagwise and they have a small target to hit because you are behind cover and you have a big target because they aren't, your odds of winning the fight are a lot better.  Believe it or not compensating for lag issues is part of the gaming experience that you just have to build into your playstyle.  On the weapons, I personally do well with a lot of the weapons but that's because I can vary my playstyle and have years of experience doing so.  I think that the weapons are well balanced but with your being new to the game you should find a class that suits how you like to play and just have fun with it.  If you feel like venturing out to other classes do so but know that being successful with them requires a different strategy most of the time.  In the end, it's all about exploiting the weapons strengths and minimizes it's weaknesses.


                    PS: Welcome to the CoD family.

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