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        20. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

        All this is just confusing and ridiculous...last time i checked COD was for the masses..and unless you are making money playng the game competetively than dont refer to yourself as a "pro"


        There are good people and there are bad people and there are attachments and perks for both sides, and each attachment and perk has a counter...stop trying to use the same old setup game after game and ADAPT to how the other team is playing!!! HEnce why you get 10 Clasees!!!!


        They running TF than run cold blooded...simple..


        COD has the worst community ever, not everyone runs around like a chicken with there head cut off!!! 

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          21. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

          r33k wrote:


          i blame society. its thier fault.


          in the world of attention deficit disorder

          in the world of entitlement

          in the world of instant gradification


          where no one has to put forth effort

          where no one takes responsibility


          the dont make reality like they used to my friend. 


          This. So they give 'em all trophies!

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            22. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

            OMG, someone gets it!


            Nice to know others have a grasp on the real world. It's rare in these parts.


            I hate the cheesy, 'n00by' design decisions just as much as the next guy, but I understand why they are in the games. And this title eliminated a lot of it compared to previous iterations.

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              23. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

              All of this complaining about catering to noobs. If you are turely a pro, you can find a way to be good at this game. A true Pro makes no excuses IMO.

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                24. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

                ya know its funny.. it truly is, it really does not matter what game it is. CoD, Halo, Gears, BF3, WoW... it doesnt matter. any time the devs change anything at all the ruined the game lmao. Learn to adapt kiddos otherwise you are that noob.

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                  25. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

                  so you are unhappy that matchmaking puts you against players of the same skill level.  HOW HORRENDOUS.  and poor players should get the heck kicked out of them simply because you had to?  my ancestors were enslaved, should i have to do that just because it is the way it was?  should I have to bathe in a stream simply because my great, great grandparents had to?


                  matchmaking based on skill level is a good thing, unless you got your beloved K/D by beating up on lesser skilled kids.  then, you are screwed, because you have to play people who are the same as you and you can't keep up.


                  otherwise, how is it a bad thing?  it's not like MW3 where there were deathstreaks.  you can't beat a noob with a target finder?  the problem is you, then......NOT THE GAME

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                    26. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

                    its activision...wtf do you expect??? have you followed WoW or D3? games which previous titles SOARED and people loved, only to have expansions, or new titles catter to "casuals" so they can sell 10x more copies to fill their bank accounts.


                    vanilla, BC WoW was probably the best multiplayer gaming experience ive ever had. then they tried to make trillons of dollars and released things to cater to casuals and noobs, made everything easy, same with D3, nerfed the crap out of nearly everything so a bajillion people would want to play buy it..



                    activision is the death of hardcore gamers, they want money, so they cater to casuals

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                      27. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

                      you're post disproves itself.  there are so many more casual players than there are hardcore gamers.  If they tailored the game to hardcore gamers, they would not have the revenue to continue making games.  They tailor their games to the masses, while leaving features for the hardcore gamers (prestige ranks/challenges/skillbased matchmaking) to make sure they still have a place in the game.  that is smart business.

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                        28. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty

                        Its not that the game is catering to noobs.


                        Its more the fact that just like in real life the "pros" from the past  are getting pushed out of the way to make room for the noobs.


                        Kind of like when an idiot gets the promotion with no experience and now he is the boss of the "pro".


                        I learned to accept getting old years ago

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                          29. Re: Catering to noobs has ruined Call of Duty



                          You are correct on this and a good point!  The public match modes in BLOPS2 cater to the masses and it is good because the playlists have lots of players in the lobbies.  I like it because I can get into the game modes quickly. 


                          A case in point is the League Play mode in BLOPS2.  The playlists for league play are really small because the "masses" don't want league play.   It is interesting, I read posts from hardcore players complaining that the league play lists are too small and it is hard to find players.   I think this proves the point exactly that there aren't enough hardcore players to keep the playlists full and it is a failure.

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