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        Yea you would think that the "good" players wouldn't start their whine with SBMM being an issue and then follow it up with the arguement that noobs should get rocked so that they will get better.  Um apparently they don't want to get better themselves by playing against players of equal talent but they think that it's good for the noobs to play against far more talented people.  The extra sad thing is that the SBMM is so broadly based that they are playing against noobs daily and still are having so much difficulty that they need to complain about it.  Maybe 3arch could create a playlist for pros to face complete noobs everyday so that they can feel better about themselves.  Oh wait they already did, it's called combat training.  Sure the pros have to use a second account and half of the players are just bots but I'm sure that their egos won't mind.

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          Casual players sing "Adapt to me blowing you up with a c4 clutched to my chest after i've been killed"

                                        "Adapt to my stealth bomber i earned going 10-52"

                                        "Adapt to my cheap scope that me kill people i would normally see"


          Well come to BO1 where you don't have these tools helping you...we'll see how well you adapt to my dogs hunting you down inside while my chopper is mowing down your teammates outside.

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            They are lowering the learning curve with each new release, the learning curve for new players is so low its almost like babysitting now. In this release you don't even have to aim, just rush and spray n pray LOL. I kinda miss the old days where accuracy did matter.

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              Exactly what I was thinking. These guys are something else!

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                Balckops one was far too easy at times, 90% of lobbies had 3 or 4 terrible players, good players don't want that, good players like a challenge.

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                  Sorry Everyone, but here is the cold truth:


                  Activision/Treyarch can care less about skilled gaming.


                  It's all about money. Money is made by selling as many games as possible.


                  The more players in the game, the more money. You don't just sell NFL jerseys for only 1 team and 1 size right? You sell the entire league for people of all sizes.


                  Say 100 people buy Blops1, if it only catered to 10 skilled gamers, then they would only sell 10 for Blops2... the numbers are not like that, but you get my point.


                  How do you expect them to sell DLC? Catering to skilled gamers? Why do you think there is lag compensation?


                  It's a business, not an art.


                  So, the guy who goes 10-52 gets a stealth bomber because he did other stuff better than killing. That keeps those players buying more games.


                  Don't think games should be that way? Well, go work for THQ when you get in the business.


                  Catering to Noobs has made COD the best selling shooter of all time.


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                    I think you misunderstand what I am saying.    I would welcome players that can beat my ass handily.  I didn't get better because I was doing ok in matches.  I  got better because I was getting beaten. 


                    Gotta give people a reason to improve.


                    As of now,  I do very well in matches and worst case scenario with a crazy host vs. a bunch of supermen, I come out better than even.   It's sort of boring.

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                      These threads are so adorable.

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                        Quit your QQ'ing. CoD has always been a easy to play - difficult to master scenario. Just like games like Street Fighter and etc. Move along folks - nothing to see here.

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                          I love how "pro players" cant adapt to other things in games.


                          Give them an old game with 4 weapons and the call theselves Pros because it is easy to adapt to 4 weapons.


                          Add a dozen or so attachments to a weapon and all the pros cant adapt anymore.


                          A "good soldier" can adapt to any situation. Any soldier that cant adapt was never a good soldier to begin with.


                          Pros should be mopping the floor with these noobs, especially the noobs with the red boxes to aim at. Losing to a noob with a red box to aim at is like losing a bicycle race to a kid with training wheels.

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