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    BLOPS 2 or MW3

      Perusing through new and old threads regarding the faults and benefits of this game and past CoD games and recalling statements made by numerous individuals, I am left wondering.....


      While most players have noticed some lag in both the past two iterations, there appears to be a disparity between connection, the experience, and each of the two games. What I notice most though is something I find very peculiar.


      Players who like BLOPS 2 that they consider one of the better iterations see minimal lag problems in game, and yet when they describe MW3 they mention how horrible and awful their lag experience was in MW3. As a result, they consider MW3 one of the worst CoD games.




      Players who liked MW3 moreso, seem to have experienced lesser degrees of the present lag in MW3, and TONS of lag issues in BLOPs 2. So they consider BLOPs 2 one of the worst CoD games.


      Now...I don't know if this is entirely a Treyarch vs IW thing. Yes fanboyism does exist...but their seems to be two very large parties whos experiences are almost black and white between these two games. Which got me thinking...


      Could the code handling smoothing and latency within BLOPs 2 and MW3 be so different that they somehow managed to come across two distinct playerbases of net infrastructure that their experiences mirror each other. In other words...are the Net provider and infrastructure that allows them their internet experiences so different in areas...that somehow both companies managed to stumble upon two groups, where the specfic net engines do not work well for each of these respective types of players?


      Given the basis of net technology I wouldn't think the infrastructure could create such a vastly different experience. I ask this...because I myself had some lag issues in MW3, but it was never as bad as some have made it out to be from my point of view. In fact, when the second patch update arrived in january in MW3 with the updated infection mode, my lag problems almost seemed to cease entirely in MW3(there were still some instances...but rare). I stopped playing well before TU23, but I didn't even need patches up to TU23 to have little trouble.


      Meanwhile my experience in BLOPs 2 just seems to get worse and worse with the patches and DLC.




      How do others feel? Are your experiences similar? With virtually mirrored instances of lag difficulties? Did you like BLOPs 2 but hate MW3 or vice versa?

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          Yes i agree. Both Blops 1 and 2 have played like trash for me. But yet MW3 plays as smooth as butter. Dont get me wrong Blops 1 was not as bad with the lag as 2 is. But i have been experincing these lag issues with both of treyarches games

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            I never liked MW3 from when it first launched.


            Apart from the connection/lag issues that occured in that game, deathstreaks, the support strike package and terrible map design just added to the frustrations of playing MW3.


            The connection in Black Ops 2 isn't great but I'm just glad that I'm not being killed by Dead Man's Hand or Final Stand and the fact that I'm not being killed by multiple support stealth bombers.


            In my opinion, MW3's negatives outweighed the positives whereas Black Ops 2 is the complete opposite.

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              The only thing MW3 gave us was Kill Confirmed but it really wasn't a novel idea, this game mode has been seen in other games. So really, MW3 did nothing right. I have no intention of buying sledgehammer's next game at launch and maybe not at all if they don't use a new game engine and get rid of nearly everything they did in MW3.

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                They're both ****, WAW or COD3 for me.

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                  I'm one of those guys who didn't like mw3 at first I even started a new account to keep playing BO. But after a month or so my friends said it was better and never looked back. BO2 for me is the worst,but I keep trying. For example yesterday I played about 30 games and had over 2.88 kd but today went negative in 11 straight games. Playing with the same guys I played with day before. A couple of my friends rage quit because they were tired of it. Went back to mw3 and it was smooth.  People actually die when you shoot them.

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                    MW3 frustrated the hell out of my at the beginning. I fought through it and really enjoyed it. BO2 still frustrates the hell out of me and I can't wait for myself and Treyarch to adapt.

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                      mw4. Im already ready for it.  Or some more maps, etc. BO2 1000 times per match host migration, host dashboarding, getting shot by bullets that can turn corners, etc.


                      mw4 please.

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                        i'm not a 2.00 k/d  die hard player, i play about an hour a day, and enjoy what the games offer.


                        to me B ops 2 is the most well rounded game since the first CD mod. warfare.  plus it has a huge variety of stuff and challenges.  MW 3  juggernauts were fun and a nice change of pace, but the Assassin over powered problem really did suck.  it's been balanced so wel now.


                        lag is there , yes but  it's not a god awful as most ppl say it is.   relax and enjoy

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                          Minus the lag situation and any technical shortcomings from either of MW3 or BO2, I simply prefer the game design in MW3. 


                          I like having pro perks.  I feel like I have more things armed on me when I go into a match.  BO2 with the pick 10 system being so fragmented, I end up often only going with a primary because I've tried to arm myself with a portion of what I would have carried into MW3.


                          Custom killstreaks for each class, having Assault, Support, or Specialist killstreak options.  Not only were there three different kinds of kill streak options but you can customize it per class.


                          The weapons feel more individualized and different.  Each gun handles differently even amongst others in its class. But also using an LMG or Sniper is still relevent and can be an effective player instead of everyone running around with SMGs.


                          And on a personal note, I really liked Team Defender.  That, I'm probably alone on.


                          But if I could cherry pick from all the CoDs I'd go with the pointstreak idea from BO2.  That makes sense that you earn streaks by doing all sorts of functions, not just getting kills.


                          From MW3 I liked the killstreaks, perks, and game modes.


                          BO1 to me had the best maps by far. 


                          MW2, WoW, CoD4, the connectivity was way better so it made competitiveness more interesting.

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                            I think I had less lag issues with MW3, but I enjoy BO2 more. I think I just have a thing for Treyarch titles over the IW ones is all. MW3 didn't really have anything that made me WANT to play where as BO2 has something that keeps me wanting more. Not sure what that is, it's just there.

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                              BO2 is the only title I've ever experianced a high amount of connection problems, (I've played since cod2), It was extremely rare for me to ever encounter a laggy game in any other title, and host migration sorted it out immedietly, In terms of gameplay, my all time favourite was cod4, It was also my hayday (I cant actually remember loosing a team tac game with my team). I hated waw at first, and slowly grew on it, mw2 was enjoyable, and I had a good time there... Bo1 at the time kept me entertained, I hit 15th really quickly, and didn't purchase MW3 until like 6months after release, but I immedietly took a shine to it, despite that its the only title I haven't hit max prestige in, I loved the guns.


                              Im torn between BO2, I enjoy it, the innovation is great, and definetly in the right direction, what ruins it for me is the connection issues, but also the lack of variety, in maps and in guns, In every COD there are a dominant few guns, but never to this standard, all you see is the MSMC or PDW...

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                                BO2 has brought me a TON of lag and matchmaking issues.  I never had a problem in MW3 (i know a lot did, but i didn't).  I like the guns in MW3 more, although the LMG's in BO2 are better.  I think the guns are more diverse in BO2, while in MW3 everyone used the same guns (ACR, Type 95, MP7, akimbos).  I like the maps more in BO2 for the most part.  I like the pro perks in MW3.  I like the lethals in BO2.


                                overall for me.......vanilla vs chocolate.  preference.  IMHO, I can't wait for MW4 on the new xbox console.



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                                    Cannot wait for COD2013 on the next gen XBOX either!

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                                      the LMGs in MW3 were all 3 shot kills across the map, except the M60 which was a 2-3 shot kill

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                                        Eh?  Post-buff MW3 LMGs outperform the ones in BO2.  A significant nerf the LMGs have in this game is damage drop off at range, the distance they are supposed to be good at.


                                        While the M60 was a two hit kill at all ranges, you were better off with the MK48 (because the M60 irons were obtrusive) unless you were happy to grind out all the attachments, then the L86 LSW trumps them all with grip and thermal attached.  With Blind Eye Pro I have brought down Pave Lows before they killed anyone and turned Reapers into paper aeroplanes but I've heard it takes a ton of ammo, even with MFJ on an LMG, just to take out a UAV in this game.  Additionally, the suppressor did not nerf their range either, unlike here.

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                                            i don't need the guns to outperform.  I like the feel of the lmg's on BO2 better.  they were too easy on MW3.  I like the playstyle of LMG's but i don't want to own with them.  that is not fun for me.  I like a challenge.

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                                          Super Mario Bros.

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                                            In answer to the the title of this thread alone:


                                            Comparing games when I wasn't experiencing connection issues in MW3 to games when I'm not experiencing connection issues in BO2... Black Ops 2 is a MUUUUUUUCH better game.

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                                              MW3 was a better game for me as i didn't have any major lag issues. i liked the maps as they had character and varried in their layout and play style something bo2 doesn't do as every map is a tiny lame kill box.

                                              deathstreaks were a little annoying but i had them so used them so it balanced out, kill streaks were fun and not OP, support and specialist kill streaks brought something new to the table as it made it accessible in real terms for new players without killing the skill curve like the noob happy spray and pray smg's with laser sights that totally destroy any credibility bo2 has.


                                              basically mw3 still had a skill curve, had rounded maps with flexibility.  Dome - a small fast paced map.  Oasis a bigger map with multiple routes yet still fast paced, a great map for DOM. 


                                              It had better DLC as well, rig was a cool map and Gulch was a good sniper map but still played well for AR's and even sub's with the range attachment.  yes bo2 stole those ideas and called them weapon attachments lol.


                                              bo2 dlc - a skate park map - yeah oh i can see now why bo2 is so much better.  it was designed by 6 year olds - awesome - i wanna play at the skate park.  Oh wait no i don't because i'm not 6 and i like my maps to be designed and thought out and connected to the campaign setting not made up farsical crap for kids.


                                              bo2 is at best average - poor maps - poor spawns - bad lag issues - good weapons - good playability - lame attachments - poor perks


                                              mw3 - some good maps some average maps - reasonable spawns - variety of kill streaks - good weapons - new ideas from attachements - new game modes - good dlc - elite


                                              bo2 stole some sh*t from mw3 made awful lifeless tiny maps with the worst spwans ever with some lame ideas of their own

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                                                MW3 , played and still do for me far better than Blops 2

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                                                  Honestly has to be MW3 i played a $hit ton of that game and always enjoyed it ! Had the odd lag spike etc but nothing compared to BO.2 and MW3s MATCHMAKING ACTUALLY WORKS !!! and i can stay in the same lobby all night ! I cant go 2/3 games on BO.2 without being kicked.

                                                    The graphics and the feel of the game feels the exact same but i will say BO.2 does have less BS in the actual game eg. Killstreaks ,Stealth bomber spam etc.

                                                     If BO.2 ran properly then YES it would be the better game but at the moment the connections seriously let it down !

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                                                    It's a real shame that connection issues alone will decide for many which has been the better game out of the two.


                                                    It would be interesting to see the result if the lag/lag comp/latency and matchmaking issues could be taken completely out of it but I guess it affects so much in both games it's just not possible.

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                                                        Indeed, it would be interesting.


                                                        It baffles me how this lag has developed overtime.


                                                        You would think if the lag system was working in earlier iterations, you would want to maintain the net code, and merely change the features. Only making small changes to the netcode where applicable, and always testing them.


                                                        It seems like they completely scrap matchmaking/smoothing tables for every game, and rework it per iteration. I am not sure why they are doing it.


                                                        "If it ain't broke don't fix it."


                                                        Yet, they do anyway.

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                                                            I think you answered your own question. I think with each release, they have added more, and therefore something else would suffer for additional features, because you can't send out the same game year after year.

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                                                          I appreciate MW3 more now after playing BO2. It has a lasting value factor for me that BO2 doesn't quite have. Close, but not quite. I think I just prefer IW games anyway, MW2 & 3 both have that 'it' factor, and I still find myself playing them. I've had zero interest in playing BO1 and haven't put it back in for many many months.


                                                          I also like the maps in MW3 better, mostly.


                                                          I think BO2 maps would be more fun if they hadn't gone all MLG/Head Glitch Ops with all the barrels boxes and half-height walls.

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                                                            MW3 all day long! Better maps, better character sprites, better weapon aresenal, better DLC (even with your peacekeeper you are 8 guns less than MW3 out of the box), better connectivity, better streak setups into classes with 3 variations to choose from, better weapon balance, better spawns, better clan ops/rewards, just everything fricken better. There was only one thing I disliked about MW3 and that would be the deathstreaks. Other than that, the game was great.

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                                                              I'm with you on about everything but weapon balance. I think it's a lot better in BO2.

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                                                                  MSMC.. PDW. 90% of people use them two guns.. the guns are balanced in performace as such but the maps make them two weapons the best overall. In MW3 people used a much bigger variety of weapons.

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                                                                    It's also easier to feign weapon balance when you lose 20% of the weapons. So balancing appears better, when in actuality it's not. There are CLEARLY best weapons in each category.


                                                                    Shotguns: Remington

                                                                    Pistols: B23R

                                                                    AR: FAL

                                                                    SMG: PDW

                                                                    Sniper: Ballista


                                                                    Saying it's balanced is kind of a discredit to balance imo. Balance would imply that picking the best gun is a difficult task, I did it in less than 5 seconds just now.

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                                                                    From a technical standpoint, I think they are both sort of bad.


                                                                    MW3 is the winner right now, because it seems to have fixed a lot of the issues with "lag".

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                                                                      MW3, not that I don't enjoy BO2, I do, but MW3 edges on almost everything. I prefer the scorestreak system in BO2, the support streak in MW3 wasn't right, earning kills from stealth bomber, not right. But MW3 is smoother, never raged, but last night on HQ in BO2, well.........

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                                                                        I like the score streaks, 10 point class set up and most of the maps in bop2 but I liked the game play in mw3 better as I had no lag and no endless hit marker problems like I do on bop2. I guess I'm 60/40 for mw3.

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                                                                          mw3 better graphics, better perks, better maps.  bo2- weapons seem better, score streak is cool, music is cool

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                                                                            I really like MW3 for the support class and support streaks.   MW3 prestiging was really bad. I prestiged once, I quit playing because I was so mad that it reset all of my weapons and worse yet, I did a permanent unlock on my ACR assault rifle and it reset that too.   The DLC packs 2 and 3 for MW3 were garbage.  They have the stupid spec ops and face off modes.


                                                                            BLOPS2 prestiging is much better and it keeps me playing.  It let's me keep my weapon progress.  Also, the zombies is awesome.

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                                                                              I can't relate to what the OP is saying

                                                                              My connection (for the most part) in BO1 was great. I NEVER experienced the phenomanon of being 1 second behind enemy players. Every once in a while there would be a match where everyone was choppy, but no advantage seemed to go to anyone from it.

                                                                              My connection in MW3 was bad...This is where I started having the problem of dying instantly from 1 bullet then watching the kill cam and the other player unloaded a clip on me as I just stood there like an idiot.

                                                                              My connection in BO2 is MUCH WORSE than MW3. I seem to be at a disadvantage to other players in every single lobby. The only way I can kill someone is if I happen to come up behind them, or if they were shooting at someone else.


                                                                              Connections aside, MW3 is clearly a better game than BO2.  BO2 is just an obvious rip off of MW3 with less features. I think it'd be accurate to call BO2 the generic version of MW3.