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    The ranking system can do one

      Just got round 60+ solo on die rise  Im round 30+ on tranzit and 4 player die rise yet im still the skeleton rank not even blue eyes... yet i have friends who are lower rounds than me AND negative KD and theyve a rank above me ?!

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          Just how it is dude. I got promoted to skull/knife today after 3 terrible games, no idea why but half the team quit out of each game and I stayed until the end. Might have something to do with it. The rank system is stupid anyway cause I get promoted but have no idea why...

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            As long as you're having fun, who cares??  Stats and rank ruined MP and it is ruining Zombies now too.  There are just to many kiddies out there that care about a precious rank instead of just enjoying the game, having fun with your online buddies, and getting far.


            That is what WaW and BO1 Zombies were all about.  No one cared how much they went down, how many kills were gotten, headshots??  Who gave a ****???  Now the moment a shotgun rank plays a game with you and goes down in the first 5 rounds, then backs out.  What makes that rank so good anyway???  Absolutely nothing b/c every single shotgun rank I have played with has back out of the game before me.  Tells me one thing, they glitched for their rank.....