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    Maps are to OP

      Maps are to OP, I mean srsly every time I spawn on a map I die, everytime I make mistakes I die, everytime I get shot I die.


      I Mainly play C/FFA and those maps are srsly OP Hijacked has to be by far the most OP I mean its a sleek designed luxy water craft for crying out loud, how is that no OP.


      Please 3arch devs fix the OP maps, this stuff never happens when i play Mario Kart.


      Also while I'm crying bloody murder, who thought the Chicom cqb was a good idea, why not just tortue us at the checkout when we bought the game. This gun frustrates me, I want Diamond cammos on SMG and I want to get this gun done as much as I can b4 I do the others, but all I do is watch my precious stats fall, and fall and fall, all because of these bloody maps being to OP its got nothing whatsoever to do with my rubbish game play and crappy performance. its all this games fault.


      Please fix


      ;-) Happy Hallmark day everyone.