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    FHJ-18AA = Better than ghost?

      I have observed after extensive gameplay that having a class without ghost and instead an FHJ-18AA is more effective at stealth than a class with just ghost or even both ghost and the launcher.


      So we all hear the gripes and arguments both for and against ghost, but if you really think about it, ghost was/is only useful when the enemy has a UAV up. It is ONE single thing that it is effective against. In the end, I took off ghost completely and relpaced it with Flak Jacket. Not only was I invisible for longer periods of time, I was also able to survive more things than before.


      Think about it.

      FHJ-18AA = 1 point; protects against any aerial scorestreak, including uavs. Once a uav is down, you don't show up even if you are standing still.

      Ghost = 1 point; only protects against uavs but randomly doesnt (its hard to determine what speed is actually fast enough to prevent you from showing up)


      The only argument against this is the fact that you use up your secondary slot, but I countered the need for any kind of pistol by equipping PDW with extended mags. Who needs to switch to a secondary when you hardly ever run out of ammo?


      I want people to try to prove me wrong.

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          Just remembered a few more points. Not only does it help you out, it also helps out your team AND hurts the enemy team (in the sense that if you don't shoot it down, they can find all your teammates).

          Not only that but you also get free points for it helping you get scorestreaks easier.

          I can't tell you how many times I've been a couple points away from a swarm and had an enemy call in a uav. I've never been so happy to see an enemy uav in my life.

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              Well, I'm just about to hit 55 for the 4th time, and this time i will be unlocking Ghost.

              I fully intend to put it on my runner classes.

              Whilst I know it will be to the detriment of my team, I can tell you why I will use it.


              It is not my job to baby sit my team.

              Maybe, maybe 1 in 10 games, there will be another person running an anti-air weapon to knock out UAVs, every other game, apparently my team are OK running around as red dots to the enemies whislt they wait for me to waste 5 seconds of my time locating and shooting down the enemies UAV/CUAV, on top of that, maybe 10% of the times I am shooting one down, I am killed in the process.

              Whilst I know my death ultimately benefits the team, the team couldn't care less.


              So yes, I am going to be selfish and start using Ghost.

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                  I unlocked ghost permanently after my first prestige.Most of the noobs on ps3 dont even run ghost

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                      Well, we can't prove you wrong, you'll have no secondary but you don't need one and finally ghost is useless, finally it got nerfed after mw3, the only downside is that it WILL slow you down, so in a rushing class you may not want that however if you want to lightweight then I don't see the problem, also the UAV will have shown youir position at least twice before you shoot it down and you can't shoot VSATS also you can easily have a good streak ended by shooting at a UAV in the middle of the map. Its completely down to personal preference. With a few of my points I may have brought up several downsides but not prooves you wrong as ghost has many downsides as well (when you having to stop running). Anyway who are you calling n00bs when your the one running around with PDW-57 extended mags

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                          I believe you were referring to me about the PDW, but I did not call anyone a noob.


                          Either way, I have found that trying to be sneaky only to have someone call in a UAV, you find yourself blindly running forward to avoid being spotted by the UAV. This could be just as dangerous as jumping in the middle of the map and shooting down a UAV, implying thats how I would go about doing it.


                          My strategy is, if I hear a UAV come up, I run back towards my teammates and then take it out, if I'm not already there. Also, with a stealth class, it would be counter productive to be out in the middle of a map anyways. I stick to the edges to reduce the number of entry points on my positions, wherever they may be.


                          Also, I don't feel like anyone should be called a noob for using any type of weapon. I honestly feel that the balance is pretty even. I chose the weapon specifically for the class based on its stats. As I said, I needed a big magazine, so that left me with 2 options. Either SMG or LMG. My class is set up as a flanking, run and gun class, so that took away LMGs as a choice for the class. The PDW has a decent rate of fire which I feel is balanced for long range  and close range engagements, while it's clip was sufficient to justify going without a pistol for a secondary.


                          But the negative stigma attached to SMGs automatically makes me a noob for using it apparantly.


                          [EDIT] I also think you implied that Ghost would counter VSATs which it does not. If that's not what you meant, then my mistake. Only EMPs and CUAVs counter a VSAT so adding this in the argument is kinda irrelevant.

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                    Sorry I thought that you posted the comment above mine, my mistake, I appologize (it was just a joke) Also I was meaning to say you are very prone to get shout with the launcher out, and even if you are with your teamates this games spawns makes it likely you will get shot at least once every several matches anyway sorry if I offended you with the n00b joke it wasn't meant to. 

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                      it depends on what mode you play and who you are up against.


                      on HQ you will most likely play against parties and well its very easy to earn an UAV there.


                      also you will only hear enemy UAV is up 1 time but when you look at the sky there could be 2 or 3 flying around lol.


                      Not to mention there are maps where its almost impossible to find the UAV because its either night or that **** is  flying behind a building or something.


                      Also the way the maps are build will have you often go to an open field  to try and find it and well you are an easy target in the open.


                      I run ghost on all my classes and it suits me just fine cause im always on the move and pitching a tent can become real boring real fast for me.

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                        I dont use ghost that often, much prefer flak.


                        The thing with ghost though is that it doesnt just keep you off radar, it tricks the other team into thinking your not there when they have a uav up. If i run ghost, i hope my team doesnt shoot enemy uav's down. This is one thing that the fhj has blatantly no effect on.


                        I never run secondaries anymore, let alone launchers (apart from my one dedicated AA class).

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                          I always run ghost+hardline. I play HC KC and I know alot of people say why use ghost is HC modes, but I can assure you , there are atleast 20-25 uav's called in a single match, and ghost comes in very handy.

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                            Well, the points are great but carrying a launcher on your back gives you a nice chimney sticking out of your back. So if your running by hedges or a low wall, you can see the launcher moving! I guess if you use a non-shiny camo, you might get away with it but any observant player will pick this up.

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                              Not on Hijacked, the FHJ needs faster lock-on time. That really should be an attachment because as it is now it takes 3-4 seconds to fire. That's more than enough time to pop up on radar and get picked off. You know, cause Ghost doesn't protect you doing helpful things for your team



                              Also, you can't look straight up in the air. So many times the UAV magically likes to float in my blindspot and I can't get it, the FHJ does have a larger lock on area than previous launchers but it still fails me some times

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                                the only time i use ghost is after i unlock it lol. before that, i either dont care or if im trying to be slick i'll run a smaw. imo, its lock on/use time is shorter and i run scav on 100% of my classes so even if i havent used my 1 shot yet, if i grab a  blue bag. i already have 2 shots.