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    Hard Wired - The red headed step child of Perks?


      Does the Hard Wired perk get any love from you? 


      I have 10 classes set up with EMP grenades on most of them and I run C-UAV as a scorestreak.  It seems very apparent that many others I play against are using a similar set up. 


      I find it useful to have a few classes that counter the main classes I usually run.


      So, as soon as, it's unlocked each prestige, I set up a counter class or two with Hard Wired.  Sure, there are instances where it can be a complete waste of a pick if no ones running EMPs and C-UAV.  For that reason, I won't begin a match with that class set-up.  But, it's there if needed.  Lately, I can't go more than a game or two without using that class set-up. 


      I play Core KC, so maybe it's more useful in that mode than others?  Does anyone one else always have a Hard Wired class set-up?  Do you usually set-up class(es) that best counter your most used set-ups?