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    Stats Ruined Zombies!

      What's ruins the fun of games? Obsession over stats and ranking etc.


      What did 3arch add into zombies? Bloody stats and ranking. Great.

      Personally I don't give 2 craps about it, but I've noticed a huge change in the community, which in turn affects my enjoyment:


      1. Huge player discrimination - people see low ranks and immediately quit out the lobby. How are new people supposed to get better if no one will play with them?!


      2. Stat paranoia / over-obsession. - High ranks will often dashboard if they go down too much or too early, in order to protect their precious stats/rank.


      3. The game/community has gone away from it's core roots of messing around and having fun with mates or randomers, to an extreme bunch of try hards with EXACT startegies/routines, constant **** training and often glitch abuse in order to "do the best" or "get high on the loserboards". Not to mention a lot of ragers.


      The game isn't as innocent and therefore, fun, as it used to be

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          Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

          I just play zombies to play zombies, I don't care about ranks. People who do care about ranks..... don't. They're totally useless.

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            Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

            What the hell? States made this game a HELL OF A LOT MORE FUN.


            I always knew I was better than most zombie players and when this game came out I got my shotguns in less than a week.


            I will never play with a freaking bone, crossbones, or a skull.


            You mad?


            Then get your stats up, stop going down so much, play a lot of games on your own, get a mic, and quit being a little b**ch whining and complaining on the internet about people not wanting to play with you because you suck donkey d*ck!


            I play zombies to show that I'm better than whoever I'm playing with and I am happy that ranks have finally been introduced and I actually want more ranks like about 10 of them and I'll surely be content.

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                Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                "You mad?"


                Please....please just go.

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                  Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                  Thank you for proving my point, you are exactly the sort of player I was describing.

                  FYI, I'm not a bad player, I got knife rank early on and have been that way since.


                  You say you play it to show everyone how great you are and that you'd never play with lower ranks.

                  Well this is exactly my point. More in depth stats and ranks has taken the mode away from what it used to be - a fun, jokey laugh where everyone is friends - into a serious grind like multiplayer, which attracts douchebags like you!


                  What's wrong with playing with lower ranks? I personally embrace the opportunity to take them to higher rounds. I'll be their guardian with quick revive and PaP ballistic knife.


                  If you're such an elitist douche that takes it so seriously, you're the one who should be playing privately, not ruining the fun of other normal people in public matches.

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                    Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                    Buddy, go play multiplayer with the rest of the as*holes. Zombies is a co-op game not a competition, if you don't understand that then you are an idiot.

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                      Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                      Wow dat guy must have no life. How can you get competitive in a game that you can't win.

                      Zombies is for fun. Goin down and die'n are all apart of it.

                      Sorry to tell ya bro but you think you and your shotties are skill?

                      Alls your doin is running around in circles. So congrats if your the best at running around in a circle.

                      You can have that title. If ya don't play for the fun of it then you shouldn't play at all.

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                        Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                        You sound like a pretentious douche......

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                        Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                        stats made zombies an even more frustrating game then it already was... not only do you have to deal with random box/raygun obsessed noobs that steal kills at every chance they get, but now they will ragequit as soon as they get their first down... honestly I only find zombies fun when I play with my irl friends now and we just play to play... too many noobs and elitist a$$holes that won't play with you unless you got shotguns...

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                          Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                          Ranks didn't ruin the game, it improved it for me. You're right with obsession over stats, but these are my Opinions of your points.


                          1. Players with similar KDR get thrown in to lobbies. New players, especially splitscreeners usually play offline.


                          2. Good, the n00bs and squeakers finally get their skill revealed.


                          3. Since WAW, zombie players had crazy strategies, ran trains, same with glitches, but that's how people do good. Ragers will never stop, exacly why I play solo most of the time.


                          You're right about the ranking system ruining some aspects of the game, but it was confirmed by Treyarch that the ranks are completely skill based.

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                            Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                            I don't know why everyone is so concerned with their ranking. I got the knife early on, and have had it since.


                            I have went down 33 times in one game because I will do what is necessary to get the team to the next round, even if it is bad for me and I do not leave the game even when there is no chance of me making a come back. 


                            I have went down over 3 dozen times before round 5 in Die Rise trying to catapult myself into potential secret areas and testing the exact way to get performance jug.


                            Don't get me wrong, I have has some very good games also.  But I have never worried about getting shot guns, have no problem finding players to play with, and do not care if I keep my knife. 


                            I will play with players that have just one bone.  But I won't play with players that are not using a mic, are playing split screen, are pretending their Kinect is an acual mic, or use glitches.  (If I am already in the game and they start using a glitch I will not leave the game, but I will not play with them again either). 


                            I would rather see the ranks go away and instead have an option to only be placed in lobbies with actual mics and a percentage next to each players name letting me know the percent of their games that they stayed until the end.

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                              Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                              Yeah ive seen a change to. But I also seen a change from WaW to BO1.


                              This change has brought about more quitters it seems and I see quitters of all ranks. Honestly tho I dont think ive ever seen a shotty quit. Every other rank yes.


                              And zombies as always been full of try hards with exact strats, thats how I play and thats how I want my teammates to be on maps I plan on going high on (the harder maps).


                              Theres always been player discrimination, people would see low rounds and back out.


                              There is definately stat paranoia andover obssession so i agree there for sure.

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                                Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                                if they would have kept the option to see what round people have gotten to then it would have been better because I'm sure there are many regular skulls that have gotten to the 30's or even 40's... of course people can get carried to higher rounds but still a lot of people in zombies play with a mindset of getting to high rounds rather than just playing the game and having fun....

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                                  Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                                  To me, their isn't enough stats.  Two things here. 


                                  1- What hapened to the lobby leaderboard?  People can earn shotguns by playing one map exclusively.  I want to know how good people are at a specific map in a lobby as opposed to seeing some rank that was earned playing other maps.

                                  2- I also want to know how often a player disconnects from a game.  When I used to play sports games, they used to have an opponents w/l record as well as a disconnect rate.  If I see a high number, atleast I know ahead of time the player is a rage quitter and can avoid him.  And people would think twice about rage quitting games if they put a disconnect rate in and recorded it.  Rage quitting is a big problem in zombies and something needs to be done about it.  I'm sick and tired of it.  If you can handle getting downed don't freaking play zombies. 

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                                    Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                                    Hey if people with a high rank don't wish to play with certain people then that's their own personal choice. If you dislike the ranking system and think its pointless then play the game with people who feel the same way but for Treyarch to remove a new feature that's already embedded into the game is a long shot meaning will never happen. I on the other hand enjoy and like he ranking system. I can care less what people ranks are because I will play with anyone whose got a mic. The only difference is if they are low rank then that only means more kills and revives for me. Other then that most people are low ranked only simply because they have not played enough rather then suck. I think it's senseless to waste hours looking for people to play with that have high ranks cause they are the ones who are most likely to rage quit when it comes to going down regardless of the round. Point being don't be offended or upset if someone with shotguns leaves you're lobby or asks you to leave. There are millions and millions of players online everyday. If not this guy then the next.


                                    Just use the ranking system as a identifier of whose the quickest and most likely to rage quit. Therefor you're saving yourself the trouble and time of playing with someone who is envitably going to leave when they accumulate to many downs or even possibly one down.

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                                        Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                                        At least with the lobby leaderboard feature in BO1, people new to the game would have no stat at all.

                                        Even then I would embrace the challenge of carrying someone past their best (low) round!


                                        I'm not saying they should remove the rank system now. Obviously thats not going to happen. I'm just saying it's a shame they added it, because it's changed the community, with a lot more competitive try-hards and A LOT more quitting/dashboarding. That's not what zombies was ever about, just a bit of a shame really

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                                        Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                                        While I do agree it has ruined some people's experience, mine has been elevated as I now have something to work towards.  Most people are just pansies and used to getting their way while playing MP, then when they come onto Zombies they use the same tactics they are using in MP but Zombies is a completely different beast. 


                                        I couldn't give two ***** or a **** if I ever achieve the Shotgun rank.  I am better then most Zombies players and I'll gladly play with a single bone any day.  I am not prejudice, unlike others on this post.  The point of Z's is to kill the endless hordes and have fun, if you can;t do that or if you think you are superior to others and therefor they don't deserve the opportunity to play with you, just take your pansy ass back to MP.  The true Zombie hunters could care less what rank you are or what rank they are.  We come to fight off the hordes and have a good time. 


                                        Happy Hunting!

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                                          Re: Stats Ruined Zombies!

                                          1. Not true - in BO1 you could see best round, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who discriminated against players who never made it past round 8.


                                          2. I agree


                                          3. Many people would play zombies before BO2 to get to high rounds, not just run around and fall on each other. Not to mention the fact that after ascension EE became a structuring element of zombie gameplay...

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